Serie A to Nine goals in eleven matches. For the third year in a row, the rescuer of the international, Saturday evening in the city center. Big Rom a serious wake-up call are happy in the Serie A. His 250th goal in his career is coming closer and closer. Killer with a double. The penalty stats show that they were Close in 1997-1998 have not seen it on the Inter.

One evening, just returned to the slotkwartier to have a night to just be. With a simple intikker after standaardfase he provided for Inter at Bologna, and in a hard-fought point. He balled up his fist. And he cried out. From the top of the dot is concerned, he is the Nerazzurri in the castle full of loot.

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Romelu Lukaku’s doelpuntenaantal clean in addition to Ronaldo, the Brazilian who is in his first eleven matches of Inter in the Serie A and also nine within the shelter. Other than cristiano Ronaldo, 7, 11) to include admission to The competition, he leaves behind him. The statistics of Lukaku doesn’t need to be complained about. Nine-eleven is a good average. He explained to them about the knee in: Lecce, Cagliari, AC Milan, Sassuolo (2), Parma, Brescia, and, therefore, also of Bologna (2). His last three gave Inter one point each, or more. While Antonio Conte is complaining about the lack of wisselmogelijkheden and blessurelast, you have to shoot Lukaku to him for help. Seven out of nine isn’t what they were expecting, but the “Big Drop” occurred, therefore, worse and worse.