Leisure-time Blogger by day and a schattenjager’s a night of fashion, Valerie Brems was quite fond of interior design and the vintage of the nineteen-seventies. As she did in her wardrobe high and low fashion, combining, mixing them tweedehandsobjecten with the IKEA furniture in her own apartment in Heist-op-den-Berg.

please Describe your interieurstijl for a moment.

“I draw my Inspiration from my favorite city, Paris. My friends describe my interior design and luxury through the use of textiles, colors, and materials, including brass, wood, glass, and mirrors. However, I’ve also had a lot of vintagemeubels in the house. There is a definite nod to the Hollywood Regency style of the mid-sixties, and seventies, and a fabulous look where I am a modern-day twist to it.”

Where is define, you would prefer your money on: clothes, or interior design?

“I love fashion, but I can spare a like for my interior. The choice is between a gown and a mat, it is for me to make. (laughs) I take great pleasure in my own home, and also pieces of furniture longer lifespan than fashion accessories.”

What is your most prized piece?

The palmbooglamp of Hans Kögel, from the mid-seventies. It is a gift to me from my father for my 25th birthday. I did not want to purse, no watch, no shoes, but this is enedesignerstuk. The lamp is a real atmosphere in the living room. I am very pleased with it.”