5 reasons to come here for points: there are no boring frames and a sad assortment

“I thought (was thinking), I do not go to points” — these words with my eyes often tell the visitors of the salon “Eyelid Optics”. What opticians you used? What points? Sometimes it’s different.

Banal optics — when bored, sad, sad assortment for drowned in complexes, when choose from the fact that there are only more or less, and then hate myself in the mirror. And aunt-the seller praises your choice, because it costs many thousands. Familiar?

It’s not about all

first, inside “Eyelid Optics” no women — only stylish young girls who themselves wear glasses and know all the details firsthand and not from a textbook “principles of optics”.

second, never, never, in any case, here there has not been and will not be a boring assortment of frames. Only the newest, most trend, only the top of the optics world, every month of updates, and even more often. There is a choice of economy and premium, and even luxury.