Two pretty young women on handicap scooters. Sisters enjoying their mobility on an afternoon ride through the neighborhood.

According to the most recent statistics, about 12.8 percent of the population in the United States has a disability of some kind. Seniors are especially affected by disability, with 41.4 percent of the disabled population being 65 years of age and older.

Despite the numbers of those with disabilities, the battle for disability rights is still a huge issue. Some disabled people feel the communities in which they live are not doing enough to become more accessible. According to one survey, 20 percent of the respondents living in New York City said they face barriers when trying to access buildings or transportation. There are however, some cities throughout the country that are doing their best to provide access for those with disabilities.  Here are five such cities.   

1. Seattle, Washington

Ranked number one in the “Top 5 Most Wheelchair Accessible Cities in the United States” by a popular wheelchair travel blog, Seattle, Washington provides plenty of accessible transportation. Even their taxis and ferries have wheelchair ramps, making them accessible for those who use a wheelchair or mobility scooter. Many popular attractions in the city, such as the Space Needle and the Seattle Aquarium are also accessible.

2. Washington, D.C.

With one of the most accessible public transportation systems in the world, Washington D.C. is ranked at the top when it comes to meeting the needs of those with disabilities. Besides the Metro, the sidewalks throughout the city are nice and wide, and many of their restaurants are easy to access as well.

3. Denver, Colorado

Another city that has an accessible public transportation system, Denver goes the extra mile by ensuring that people in wheelchairs get priority seating. Because many people love Colorado for their great outdoors, Denver also has accessible campsites and hiking trails.

4. Orlando, Florida

It’s not just Disney World in Orlando that is accessible, but many restaurants and other popular attractions throughout the city can also be easily accessed by those with disabilities. For those who need to take public transportation, the city’s bus service is equipped with hydraulic lifts.

5. Chicago, Illinois

People who rely on a wheelchair for mobility love Chicago. The Sears Tower, 360 Chicago, and the Chicago Theatre are all wheelchair accessible. Along with accessible attractions, the city even has an accessible Ferris wheel. The Windy City also has Open Taxis, which operates around the clock to provide wheelchair accessible vehicles to its customers.