Riemst is A bloedverzakking of the board of the customer at the time the betting is in Riemst Friday night too. The man, a native of holland in the 87th minute of a one goal too much to be scored. This was 470.000 euros are missing. In the nine matches he had, however, correctly guessed.

customers who still wish to remain anonymous, took this Friday for 20 euro in the ten football matches over one game. Football matches of the Dutch, German, English, Spanish, and Swiss league. He has gambled, or for the match by the home or away team won and the number of goals that should be achieved.

Potential gains: 470.000€. As the match began, and well into the second half, it looked very bleak. Even in the last ten minutes of what seemed to 470.000 euros. But then it all went wrong in the 87th minute of the match Grasshoppers Zurich – FC Vaduz. Noah Frick from the garage parking was only two minutes ahead in the 85th minute substitute and scored in the second half. 470.000 euro.

“we have rarely seen,” says the manager of a bookies, Bonne Chance in Riemst. “Saturday was the matter, suddenly filled with fortune seekers and the story would have had to hear the breath of fresh air. The next time,” he explains.