Mariam Nabatanzi, a Ugandan of forty, who is on the doctors, children are allowed to get one. Nabatanzi was at its 36th 44, baby’s in the world. However, her uterus is now “clipped”, making it to 44 and will continue to be.

Mariam Nabatanzi in Uganda, a country with an average fertility rate of 5.6 children per inhabitant, the “most fertile woman” is mentioned. All Over the world are taken and the average is 2.4 children per woman. Mariam Nabatanzi is genetically destined to be very easy to get pregnant. They have an “unusually large ovaries, too. According to the gynecologist, and Charles Kiggundu “every cycle several egg-free” to Mary, “thus increasing the chances of multiple births, increasing significantly”. The ‘pill’ take, was not recommended because of potential health risks.

Already, at the age of twelve, it was Mariam Nabatanzi married off to a man of forty. A year later, gave birth to the then-barely-thirteen year old Mary with her first twins. There were five, the twins are to follow, as well as four triplets and five quads. Added together, so for 44 children, of whom there are, unfortunately, six have died. With the last pregnancy, three years ago, there were complications. One of the two kids by the age of six with twins, died when the.