26 December 2004: the worst day in the twenty-first century

History 26/12/19 public domain26 December 2004: the worst day in the twenty-first century

In 2004 was one of the three most devastating earthquakes in its history, observations of this phenomenon at all. The magnitude of the earthquake was 9.3 points. It happened on New year’s eve, December 26 at approximately the hour of the night in the Indian ocean, near the island of simelue.

the Only one in history stronger earthquake happened only 1 time – in 1960 in Chile. It had a magnitude of 9.5 points. But even this disaster was not as devastating as the earthquake of 2004 in the Indian ocean.

the Prevalence of earthquakes

According to rough estimates, the disaster has claimed the lives of 300 thousand people. Probably, they can be much more, but the exact number of victims is impossible to calculate. Many could simply wash away into the ocean, so the body was not found. Affected population of 18 countries, including Sri Lanka, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Madagascar, the Seychelles, South Africa, Kenya etc.

the Echoes of the earthquake reached the far shores of Australia. Waves have overcome tremendous distance in order to inflict damage even on the other side of the world. The destruction occurred at a distance of 6.9 million km from the epicenter of the disaster. The enormous magnitude of underwater shifts of the Earth led to the formation of the monstrous waves that rose to a height of 15 meters or more. They washed away all life on the surrounding Islands and a deadly storm rolled to remote continents.

Power of a natural disaster

the Focal point where he lithospheric shear – locked in place with geographical coordinates of 3° 19′ N. lat., 95° 51,24′ E. It is situated in the infamous “Pacific ring of fire”. This disadvantaged territory accounts for 80 % of all earthquakes that do occur in the world. The depth where the earthquake is 30 km from the surface of the oceans.

Even this water column are unable to dim the power of the tremors. The tsunami waves that they raised in the ocean, had a force of 5 megatons of TNT. This power can only be compared with vengeance of all the bombings of the Second world war, together with dropped on Japan atomic bombs. The waves on the nearby Islands were covered up to 4 km of land, burying, and then flush into the ocean the whole city. Nothing terrible has not happened, at least several centuries.

What happened with the lithosphere

the focus of the disaster was a sharp and very large extent of the shifts in the tectonic plates. Moved two plates: the Indian and the Eurasian. Breed sharply tilted upward. Formed by a giant fault with the length of 1200-1600 km away, the Sea bottom rose in this place to a few meters. This caused the formation of the enormous power of the tsunami.

Warning of the nature

Describes the movement of earth’s crust have occurred in 2 stages. The interval between the shocks was approx a few hours. However, the inhabitants of all the affected countries were caught by surprise. Interestingly, the animals immediately felt the approach of trouble. Birds and animals left the coastal zone and gone deep into continents. But the people did not pay attention to it.

as a result of 235 thousand people were killed, up to 100 thousand went missing. Material damage is estimated in billions of dollars. According to the UN, rescue operation and liquidation of the damage that was caused by the earthquake, are the most costly in the history of mankind.

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