Proximus League And all of a sudden, it was dark by The Tick. The 1A match between OH Leuven, as well as the Union, is a key event in the fight for the first time, stopped because of the stadionlichten but it kept falling out. A forfaitnederlaag immediately, OH, OH, Leuven, belgium.

a Little more than five minutes to play in The Stride, when the stadionverlichting for the first time, suddenly let him down. The match was halted with a 0-0-outcome. A local power failure was the cause of all the trouble. In the stadium itself, which took place is not clear. Then, after a short delay, could once again play football, but in just a few minutes later, we were in the back of it. After the game, there are four (!) once it was stopped, it was in the match stopped by the referee Vermeire.

“This is something that I have not yet seen”, according to Karel Geraerts, as an assistant coach with the Union. “It’s nerve-wracking. Especially in such an important showdown in the battle for the first time.”OH Leuven is in two days from the end of the line in 1B). The Union has three points behind OHL and moést in this race to win, as it still claims to be the first to periodetitel.

What exactly has to be done with the outcome of the game, it is still not clear. The arbitration committee will have to consider whether in the event of a power failure, the failure of OH Leuven. If it turns out to be,there is a risk of a forfaitnederlaag to be the leader at 1B.