The Premier League will open The floodgates. In the sky, and back to Southampton. Leicester washed The Saints’ way: 0-5 the rest, 0 to 9, at the final whistle. The biggest uitzege in the history of the English language is top notch. Also, Youri Tielemans was his doelpuntje and assist them. Again, my compliments.

for now, just place two of them in the Premier League: Leicester City -. Team with a lot of potential. The northern Irishman, Brendan Rodgers (46), it is always a good trainer to have been. In spite of that create a dent in the reputation, after his dismissal by Liverpool at Anfield, he was perhaps a little too proudly. When a network is not a champion in 2014 with the cannibal Luis Suárez as his hungry aanvalsleider.

Still wants to be Rodgers ‘ academic and soccer of eleven. Very simple, yet effective passing game. It is still in its early stages, but they are Acceptable, it is a person’s first name candidate’s in order to this season among the big six, to pick up. A candidate for Champions Leagueticket if they have this type of conduct.