Zinoviy Kolobanov: in 1940 put the most accurate, tanker

Heroes 17/12/19 Zinoviy Kolobanov: in 1940 put the most accurate tanker

Today Zinoviy Kolobanov is among the most famous Russian ACE. For courage and effectiveness in fighting on the fronts of the great Patriotic war Kolobanov, in addition to the title of Hero, was presented to multiple awards. However, this could not be. The fact that in 1940 Zinoviy Kolobanov was convicted and sent to a camp. And after a victory as had all the chances to get court-martialed.

the Reason for the first conclusion

Zinoviy G. Kolobanov was born in 1913 in the modern village of Arefino Nizhny Novgorod region. At least, such data is reported in his book “Soviet tank aces”, Mikhail Baryatinsky. Kolobanov Sr. did not return from the civil war, so him and two other kids, mother raised alone. However, Kolobanov was able to get by the standards of those years is a decent education: he graduated from 8th grade, and then he applied to the industrial College. However, to get a diploma Zinovy not managed: from the third year he was drafted into the red army.
Soon, instead of College, Kolobanov graduated from Orel armored school named after Frunze, and by the autumn of 1939, when the Soviet-finlyandskaya the war, had command of a tank company. Several times Zinovy Grigoryevich was on the verge of life and death, including in the RAID on Viborg. It was then, according to bariatinskii, Kolobanov and was to receive the title hero of the Soviet Union. However, officially the Hero he never became. The fact that in March 1940 between the parties had signed a peace Treaty, by which Soviet soldiers began to “fraternize” with former enemies. For this, all the leaders severely punished. Among them was and Kolobanov.

Character not only on paper but in real life

When the Great Patriotic war, the Soviet army katasinhabiting lacked competent officers. For this reason, many military leaders released from camps. So Zinoviy Kolobanov was again in the ranks. Authorities have not miscalculated: Kolobanov and in fact proved not in word but in deed that he is not a criminal but a real fighter. Writes George Savitsky in his book “Tankers of nuclear war”, Zinovy Grigorievich became the commander of a tank company. It showed itself in August 1941. Then as he personally eliminated 22 enemy tanks, and only a company of Kolobanova destroyed 43 enemy vehicles. And this despite the fact that the battle lasted only half an hour.

According to Savitsky, Zinoviy Kolobanov was again promoted to the rank of Hero and again never got it. Someone thought that Kolobanov “cost” and the order of the red banner. This “someone” is still unknown. But in the archive and still kept a premium sheet with a red pencil crossed out name “Kolobanov”. So home Zinovy Grigoryevich returned without titles, only with severe injuries and concussion. However, it further decided to devote his life to the army. Unfortunately, this trouble Kolobanova not over.

the Risk of the Tribunal and the drummer labor

according to the registration card, in 2 months after winning Zenobia Kolobanova was appointed Deputy commander of the 69th tank battalion of the 14th mechanized regiment 12th mechanized division 5th guards tank army in the Baranovichi military district. However, in December 1951, the tanker-AC was transferred to the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany. There Kolobanova and waiting for a new problem. According to Mikhail Baryatinsky, one of the soldiers of his battalion moved to the British zone of occupation. Zinovy Grigorievich, most likely, would have given to the Tribunal, if he had not stood up colleagues. They Kolobanova punishment was transferred to the Belarusian military district.

writes Maksim Kolomiets in his book “Soviet heavy tank KV-1. The first tanks of Victory”, Zinoviy Kolobanov served in the armed forces to 1958 years, and then was sent to the reserve. He remained in Belarus, worked at the Minsk automobile plant in the Department of technical control. But even in the civilian world Kolobanov managed to score: he was awarded the title “Udarnik of Communist labour”. However, the collapse of the USSR Zinovy Grigoryevich also managed to catch. He died in 1994 at the age of 83 years. And may he never became a Hero on paper, in real life he definitely was.

Yulia Popova

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