Due to the WWF to spread the images of the glaciers of Pitztal, in Austria, are related to maintenance operations. The environmental organization claimed the fact that the ice is destroyed to make the ski area bigger, but this plan has not yet been implemented.

The Austrian branch of the World Wildlife fund (WWF) to spread at the beginning of the month, pictures of the excavators, that the ice of the glacier, wegbreken in the 3,000 meters in elevation. It is an immense project that would connect the ski area of the Pitztal and the Ötztal region in the federal state of Tyrol. About 1.6 hectares of ice-cream is going to be removed for the construction of new buildings, the write-Montagnes, Magazine.

, But in accordance with the local government to show that the images of work on the glacier, in particular, the filling of the gap with the ice cream, and it is taken as a measure of the need for safety on the pistes is guaranteed. It reports the Austrian newspaper Kurier. The WWF has also expressed concerns about large-scale intervention, since that requires a lot of energy and cause pollution, as reported Kurier another.

At the work connection, which is still in the planning stage, sit down, it will also be objected by some environmental groups such as WWF as well as the experts. “This is our version of the destruction of the Amazon rainforest,” said glacioloog Sylvain Coutteran of Montagnes Magazine. “The humans will learn from the past,” complains that he is still aan.De the expert also explained that with the destruction of a glacier, at a high cost such as the reduction of the water resources in the region, and disruption of the role of the glacier, as the heat and climate control.