Without coffee, no one will remain: how to deliver a hot drink in the mode of self-isolation

the Mode of forced isolation has deprived us of the traditional way of life and many pleasant things. Particularly acute nostalgia for the professionally brewed coffee. But there is good news — Yandex.The food is supported and coffeehouses, and coffee lovers. To order a hot drink in the Cup right home is now easier than ever, if your favorite coffee shop adjusted service delivery. Here are some life hacks for those who want to be available to their customers even in the mode of self-isolation.

Evaluate the delivery radius

it is Unlikely that someone will be happy, receiving from the courier of cold coffee. However, before this often happens if the order had to be delivered to the other end of the city. Yandex.Food for coffee shops solved this problem: radius delivery of hot beverages does not exceed 1.2 km and beverages will not have time to cool in transit.

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