Showbiz for Almost 30 years, they shared all their joys and sorrows, Willy, Willy, and his wife, Michèle, The Wild one. Now, seven months after the death of the musician, speaking for the first time, and how they fight against cancer and his passing on his way. “He’s had a lot of up to the last day.”

Illustrations, leaves, Willy still did not loose, he tells them in a local Newspaper. “When I’m with friends, go, I take him at his urn. Weird, I know.But it doesn’t feel right to him so long at home, too. Willy was everything to me. All. He was eengentleman. Held a door for me. Spent every morning, one cup of coffee to my bed.” The two were very close, and especially after the cancer diagnosis in June 2018 fell off. “Boom, at, out of the blue. You’re going to die. Then all the ballast is gone, right? All that’s left is each other. We’ve always been very close to each other, but the last half of the year, we were able to hit and detained.”

as The lead singer of the Scabs was ready to go, she said. “He’s had a lot of up to the last day. All of his upcoming death, but accepted it. “If I die, it is the result of a life full of love, and then it’ll be ok,” he said.” A week after the “GENIUS” – his latest effort – he’s dead.“When we were alone, he spoke. The last thing I want to see if I am dead, your eyes, ” he said. He has been in a coma woman.”

“Willy’s death in a hole, beaten up, and this is something I will never be able to fill it. However, I’ve been fortunate in that I have more than thirty years each and every day true love I have known. That’s a crazy and exciting ride and has been used. That’s fine, it was my life, Willy.”