Why the tankers Hitler avoided fighting with the T-34 in 1941

History 19/01/20 Why the tankers Hitler avoided fighting with the T-34 in 1941

the Great Patriotic war was the most terrible event of the twentieth century. The German attack on the Soviet Union was accompanied by incredible cruelty, war crimes, and the resistance of the red army and the subsequent Victory became legendary. Wherever there are legends, there are myths.


In the Soviet cinema, German infantry is completely Tommy. But in the German small branch had only one gun. Special units of machine gunners in the Wehrmacht was not only in some troops (parachute, infantry in armored personnel carriers) submachine guns were more. A bid to strengthen the fire corps did not submachine guns and self-loading and assault rifles that failed to provide the infantry.


In the movies about the war, German attacks — the numerous tanks, which run chain-machine. German statutes, is not provided. When the occurrence position is first processed by artillery and aviation. The infantry moved slowly, using the terrain and finishing in another line, opened fire with mortars. Promotion of gunmen supported by the machine guns. Infantry usually consisted of a defensive position when they almost completely destroyed the artillery and conducted cleanup. Tanks and assault guns were used to support the infantry by shooting enemy firing points with extreme distances.


In the movies like to show, how the German tanks of the Wehrmacht, go to the Soviet trenches, and then they iron. In the Wehrmacht, almost all the tanks belonged to the class of “cavalry” or “cruising” and not intended to attack took the enemy’s defenses. Their task was to break in the composition movable joints in the rear and encircle the enemy. The only tank designed for frontal attack of the enemy’s defense is knowledgemanity “Tiger”.


While in Soviet books and films “Tigers” destroyed easily tens, or even hundreds, to knock out the tank was extremely difficult. The shells often flew away from it than cause real damage. In the battle of Kursk involved 133 “Tiger”. All were formed eleven battalions of heavy (to state 45 “Tigers”) in the Wehrmacht and the three battalions in the Waffen SS.


self-Propelled installation “Ferdinand”, if you believe the reports, not to mention books, destroyed them by the hundreds on all fronts. It was released only 90 “ferdinandov”, they all entered service one regiment, fought on one front. In the red Army for Ferdinand took any self-propelled, which was a long gun, located in a shifted aft of the wheelhouse: tank hunters “of Nashorn” and smaller Marder, even self-propelled howitzer “Hummel”.

rocket artillery

the Wehrmacht was first used rocket artillery in 1940. The beginning of the war in the USSR was 4 regiment and 7 battalions of rocket launchers, 7 decontamination battalions had in its composition of 18 starting frame installations. During the war, the number of parts is increased and in 1944 there were eight brigades rocket artillery, and by the end of the war, they became sixteen.


When talking about the composition of the German divisions, the Soviet sources always lead States in 1941. But in the summer of 1942 all infantry divisions, did not participate in the offensive in the South was reduced: instead of nine battalions was six. The shortage remained. In 1943 shestibatalonny part was assigned to States, and since then the German divisions were one-third less Soviet. Stocked units after 1941 was always below normal, and two-thirds of the population was considered the norm.


Soviet sources say about the complete motorization of the Wehrmacht. But all the artillery of the infantry divisions moved on horse-drawn. The only thing that was motorized in the division, is the anti-tank divisionhe. Infantry didn’t move entirely in armored personnel carriers. At the beginning of the great Patriotic only two tank divisions one of the battalions had armored personnel carriers, the rest of them was armed with one company. In the second half States armored division provided armored personnel carriers in only one of the four battalions, but they were not always staffed.

Tank battles

the German tankers in 1941 was ordered to avoid clashes with the Soviet tanks T-34. It was not until the summer of 1942, when there was a new modification of the tank Pz.IV. New German cars due to the thick armor, powerful guns and excellent optics has got the advantage that the red army was overcome only after the arrival of the T-34-85. But by the time the Wehrmacht were tanks “Panther” is superior to the same type of Soviet.

Tank battles German statutes does not provide for. Panzer division when it detects enemy tanks forward have advanced anti-tank pieces, and destroyed enemy armored vehicles.


All Soviet citizens who fought on the German side, traditionally considered a “Vlasov”. But apart from the Russian Liberation Army (ROA*), which was formed Vlasov 1943, there were many other compounds. Was a body of Cossacks, was the connection of Russian emigrants. In the second half of the war, the Waffen SS was formed of numerous national connections: Latvian, Estonian, Ukrainian. States 1943 as part of an infantry division was envisaged to have about 2,000 so-called “Jivi”, i.e. volunteers, recruited from the inhabitants of the countries where these divisions were located.

*- an organization banned in Russia

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