Why the Red Army in 1929 invaded Afghanistan

History 13/02/20 Why the Red Army in 1929 invaded Afghanistan

In the consciousness of a modern citizen of our country Afghanistan is associated with war of the 80-ies of the last century, which was attended by a limited contingent of Soviet troops. Nevertheless, the Bolsheviks in the 1920-ies planned to establish control over the country, and it was practically possible.

Clash of empires

as there is Afghanistan, exactly the same the country trying to subjugate the largest Empire in the world. The fact that the state is not very lucky with the geographical location. On its territory for centuries was the main trade route, the control of which was interested in Russian and British empires. Both countries with foreign intelligence services tried to sway the rulers of Afghanistan, overthrowing the disobedient. During another riot, in 1919, the authorities in Afghanistan seized Amanullah Khan. Barely settled on the throne, he waged war with the British and expelled them from their country. The new king was a liberal. He forbade polygamy, introduced a Constitution and even opened schools for women.

the British over the defeated insidious revenge. In 1928 they published in the Newspapers photos of his wife Amanullah Khan in European clothes without a veil, and then distributed among the population of Afghanistan. Local residents were plunged into shock, thinking that their leader has betrayed the Muslim faith. Not surprisingly, there began a new rebellion, during which weapons to rebels courtesy all the same the cunning British. However, the king did not give up. He with loyal troops entered the war with the rebels. However, his representative addressed the Soviet authorities with a request to form a team of supporters of Amanullah and hit the rear of the rebels. In Moscow, they agreed but put a condition: the destruction of gangs Basmachi, afflicting SSSR on the southern borders.

the battle for Afghanistan!

sorry, no armed group of Afghans did not. They are poorly owned weapons and not versed in military science. Instead of them to fight for Amanullah went a detachment of the red army from the Central Asian military district. Soldiers dressed in the clothing of Afghans and sent in a campaign with the admonition not to speak Russian in the presence of strangers. Led a detachment of the “Turkish military personnel”, he is the corps commander, Civil war hero Vitaly Primakov. A detachment of 2000 cavalry in 1929, crossed the border with four guns and 24 machine guns. He go attacked a border Outpost under the control of the rebels. The battle was won without casualties. Next was the town of Kelif. Its defenders surrendered after a few volleys of artillery.

Disguised as the red army continued its way. Without a fight they opened the gate Khanabad, followed by the second largest city in the country Mazar-I-Sharif. Such impudence of the rebels could not tolerate, and have sent reinforcements. But to storm a city where entrenched, well-armed soldiers failed. At this time, Afghanistan was invaded by a second detachment of 400 people, with 6 guns and 8 machine guns. His staff also was disguised as Afghans. A few days later, it was merged with the first squad and winning the offensive continued. Landed a few more small towns, and then the soldiers headed for Kabul, intending to take the country’s capital. The road was destroyed by a gang of Ibrahim Bey from 3000 cavalry.

pirova Pobeda

However, despite the success, the head of the detachment Primakov was unhappy. He believed that going to help Amanullah, but in fact fought with the entire population of Afghanistan: locals have banded together to repulse the red army, although good luck to them in the military is not accompanied. Besides, at some point the troops of Amanullah was defeated and he himself fled the country.

the question Arose of what to do next? In fact, Primakov was able to take the power over the country, but tacosth order he had received. Soon in Moscow took the decision about the return of the detachment of the red army home. There was a strange situation. From a military point of view, was won by a landslide, and the political position came an incident – the country’s population over the next decades was set dramatically against the Soviet Union.

Dmitry Sokolov

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