Why the KGB did not let abroad of actor Alexander Abdulov

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Alexander Abdulov many considered real sex symbol of Russian cinema. Could not resist the charms of a Soviet actor and a US citizen by the name of Karen. However, for the novel with the American Abdulov had to pay dearly. At first, he was summoned to the KGB, and then completely ceased to produce on tour abroad.

Karen, no last name

In the period of a romantic relationship with an American, according to a well-known journalist Fedor Razzakov in his book “Irina Alferova. The woman handsome Abdulov”, the actor was busy filming the second part of the film “lost expedition” called “the Golden river”. And, then, it was the middle of 1970-ies. Then, communication with foreigners was not encouraged.

According to Razzakov, beloved Abdulov’s name was Karen. She worked as the Vice President of any major Bank in connection with its activities lived in Moscow. No other information about the mysterious American woman, unfortunately, has not survived. We only know that he Abdulov called Karen Katia and treated very seriously.

a while the artist even lived in the apartment and Katina, no hiding, and introduced her to my colleagues and friends. Actor Alexander Karnowski who was lucky enough to see the American love Abdulov in interview to the edition “7 days” told about what Karen was really very beautiful and “a little bit like Audrey Hepburn.”

a Call to the Lubyanka

However, the whole story ended sadly. According to Andrey Shlyakhov in his book “the Main couples of our age. Love on the verge of a foul”, soon Abdulov was invited to the Lubyanka. At first, talking about the breakup with American was not. On the contrary, the actor has offered cooperation, they say, Karen is a spy and she needed to pull some information. But Abdulov, this proposal was immediately refused. On the layeryou the actor, he said employees of the state security: “I do not understand your language. So conversation will not.”

After this conversation, according to Razzakov, Alexander Abdulov decided that it would be best if he and Karen parted. The Lubyanka realized that now just won’t work, and sent the citizen back home. Despite the gap with the American Abdulov has long been aware of the consequences of these relations.

a Ban on travel and constant control

When Karen left the Union, life Abdulov has changed dramatically. It as “unreliable”, was discontinued on tour abroad. Some time later the ban was removed, but he continued to be under close supervision of the KGB. So, according to the actor, during a trip to Cuba it was assigned to the hotel person who was supposed to keep it for him. And before leaving to Paris with a performance of “Juno and Avos” Abdulov in General, was summoned to the Lubyanka several times for “preventive conversations”.

nevertheless, the danger of his stance artist appreciated only after many years. In the book of Sergei Solovyov “Alexander Abdulov. Unusual miracle” described the case when an actor, while in Paris, ribbed troupe accompanied by the KGB. Abdulov asked them what’s French for “I want to ask for political asylum.” Fortunately, all went well. One of the officers in the authorities just said to Alexander: “I will translate for you at home!”

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