Why Stalin wanted to replace the flag of the Russian Federation the Russian tricolor

History 24/01/20 Why Stalin wanted to replace the flag of the Russian Federation the Russian tricolor

During the great Patriotic war, Joseph Stalin exploited Russian patriotism. There is evidence that in 1943, “father of Nations” even considered the possibility to make the official flag of the Russian Federation of the Royal flag.

“find Out the reaction of the White house”

When the summer of 1941 it became clear that the fight will not in Europe and on its territory, the Soviet propaganda stopped harping on “world revolution” and “liberation of the workers.” In conversation with us Ambassador Averell Harriman by Stalin once said:

“We know people do not want to fight for the world revolution; he will not fight for the Soviet power… Maybe will fight for Russia.”

One of the visible symbols of waste from “proletarian internationalism” could be the return of the flag of the Russian Empire as the official. From 1918 to 1937, the flag of Soviet Russia was a red flag with the inscription “RSFSR”. In 1937 the flag was very similar to the flag of the USSR, differing from it a blue vertical stripe on the left edge.

About Stalin’s plans to replace the flag wrote at the beginning of 1942 in the “Paris Gazette” the Cossack General Peter Krasnov:

“they Say that the red army – workers and peasants Red Army – is now the name of the Russian army that it will be supplied with Russian national white-blue-red banner, that the rank, who had served in the Imperial army, permitted to wear medals, from the Royal power received”.

“Ears” such rumors grow from Reichsminister propaganda. The Ukrainian newspaper “Nova doba” of February 21, 1943, published “caught by the Germans,” the text of the telegram to Vyacheslav Molotov, the Soviet Ambassador to the U.S. Maxim Litvinov. Commissar for foreign Affairs informs the slave about the meeting of the Politburo, is it Stalin allegedly said that the military situation “trebuy even more dramatic course on patriotism and Russian nationalism”.

“On behalf of comrade Stalin, will find out the reaction of the White house, Congress and the military community on the possibility of amending the Constitution and the introduction of the tricolor national flag,” wrote Molotov Litvinov.

the Dubiousness of the source of information has led some researchers to doubt the authenticity of the telegram. Her style is really unusual as the degree of openness of Stalin with members of the Politburo.

However, the fabrication of fake any special political benefits Department Goebbels did not bring. Charged with turning Stalin’s “Russian nationalism” could be calculated to sow confusion in the minds of Slav readers. However, the Germans themselves have already given the nod to the creation of Russian liberation army of General Vlasov, where, as expected, can enter and Ukrainians, and Cossacks.

Tricolor on red square

it is possible that the issue of replacing the flag was really discussed in the Kremlin. The situation at the front in early 1943 was for the Soviet Union successfully. However, the final turning point in the great Patriotic war has not yet arrived. So “stir up” Patriotic sentiment of the army was for Stalin not superfluous.

as for the tricolor, he’s not associated with the Vlasov army (and subsequently, the collaborators officially not used white-blue-red, and the flag of St. Andrew). The change of state symbols was no more radical a step than the dissolution of the Comintern, cooperation with the Church or the introduction in the red Army-revolutionary ranks and officers ‘ epaulettes.

a Possible reason why Stalin still refused the tricolor, is in the same telegram to Molotov: this offer has reacted negatively to the generals of the southwestern front, and party officials in the Ukraine (still occupied), Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

we will Add that in the late Stalinist era to the tricolor in the USSR were treated with respect. For example, in 1946, he released color film “the Ancient vaudeville” about the era of the Napoleonic wars. The tape begins with a surprise at the time of the scene: past St. Basil’s Cathedral on red square are soldiers over heads of which fluttered the tricolor Russian flags.

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