the trigger is released the trigger, which under the action of the mainspring hit the hammer. That, in turn, transmits the blow to the primer of the cartridge, causing ignition of the charge. Then because of the expanding powder gases bullet slams into the rifling and moves along the bore. Gases are pulled out through the holes in the gas chamber, which is located above the barrel, pushing back the gas piston, which is connected to the slide frame. Finally, the extractor ejects the cartridge case, cock the frame, picks up from the store a new cartridge and pushes it into the barrel, then the gun is again cocked.

Even the slot machine in principle prevents it from contaminating residue. The contaminated gas due to the design not be returned back to the locking mechanism, as the American M-16 rifles, that AK is much less likely to fail. The creators of the machine sacrificed accuracy, which has suffered due to the presence of dlinnobaznaya gas piston.

“the AK is more reliable in the dirt than the M16, however, the American assault rifle provides greater accuracy of the shot in combat,” confirms columnist for the National Interest Fritz Ermarth.

the success of the Kalashnikov rifle was the least affected parts. For comparison, the “American” — about hundreds of moving parts, sometimes quite small. They need to, in particular, to provide greater “tightness” of the rifle, which, however, does not particularly rely. At the same time, “Kalasha” is only about 95 parts, ten of which are considered major. And the presence of gaps between the parts and mechanisms rather helps to avoid pollution, rather than Vice versa.

an Unexpected bonus

however, the durability of the first machines cannot be explained only by the simplicity of the device, because at first the weapons suffered from the “children baladeh”. For example, the receiver was not very reliable due to the existing at that time technology stampPlease log in to leave a comment! br>
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