Why did the Soviet Union before the war, bought the German machine MP-38

Weapons 31/01/20 Why did the Soviet Union before the war, bought the German machine MP-38

the submachine Gun MP-38 in the beginning of the Second world war was in the Wehrmacht. Sometimes you can find the information according to which such “trunks” and armed units of the red army: if the Soviet Union acquired a rather large shipment of MP-38 Germany. Is it so?

Compact and lightweight

the MP-38 was adopted by the Wehrmacht in 1938. The weapon was intended to increase the firepower of the airborne troops and special forces, as well as become a reliable means of self-defense for the tank.

One of the main advantages of the machine gun was the dimensions: length a little more than 60 cm with a folded and slightly more than 80 with stock unfolded. The weight of the gun was about 4.2 kg, which was also a decent indicator.

For shooting used a 9mm rounds “Parabellum”. The rate was 400-500 rounds per minute. The fire could be queues, but experienced hands know how to do single shots by lightly pressing and quickly releasing the trigger.

The MP-38 was really surprising is the lack of a wooden butt. The design of the gun was no wood for its production were applied on metal and plastic.

the MP-38 in the USSR

Innovative for the time the weapon was developed solely for the army of the Third Reich, however, there is information according to which the submachine guns until the beginning of the great Patriotic war consisted of the red army.

According to this version, the Soviet Union from January to October 1939, purchased in Germany about five thousand MP-38. However, it is believed that the party was almost two times as much – about nine thousand “trunks”.

Supposedly, the Soviet Union became interested in the MP-38 because “German” was more compact, consisting at that time the red army machine gun Degtyarev. Indeed, in terms of weight of the German gun was considerably easier our PPD — the difference in weight amounted to almost half a pound! The advantage of the German submachine gun was also the possibility of using a silencer.

Proponents of this version argue that the Red army used the MP-38 at the fronts of the Soviet-Finnish war: “German” armed skiers, Marines, scouts and other fighters that were important mobility.

But no messages and photos, confirming the words of the supporters of this version is still not presented. But five thousand “trunks” and even more so nine is a very respectable party, which is hard to miss. However, both Soviet and Finnish sources are stored on this account a deathly silence.

Inconsistencies in numbers

the command of the Wehrmacht hoped that over time each company will be armed with 14-16 units a machine gun. However, the rate of production left much to be desired.

Information about the number of produced samples “tricategory” gives in his book “MP 38/40. Weapons of the German infantry” the historian Sergei V. Ivanov. By the beginning of the Second world war, that is, by September 1939, the Wehrmacht had only 8700 MP-38.

has gone up Sharply the production only in the first half, 1940: from January to July 1940, that is the moment of the defeat of France, on the capacity of firms and ERMA C. G. Haenel manufactured 24 650 copies. In total there were about 40 thousand submachine guns of this model.

If you believe that the Soviet Union in October 1939, purchased five thousand MP-38, it turns out that the Germans sold the “tips” more than half released at the time submachine guns. The figure of nine thousand is even less probable, because in this case, it turns out that each MP-38 Germany supplied the Soviet Union.

it’s hard To believe, even if we assume that Moscow was buying the gun for a very reasonable Berlin price. In the end, the Third Reich, the USSR was viewed as a future enemy, and to supply a potential enemy substantial quantities of advanced weapons, it would be highly illogical.

Ivan Proshkin

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