Why did the Soviet Union before Hitler's attack was preparing to fight England

04/02/20 history Why did the Soviet Union before Hitler’s attack was preparing to fight England

In 1998, the world community became known that the UK was considered in 1945 the possibility of a military clash with the Soviet Union. The code name for these plans was called “Unthinkable”: the plan called for the defense against “Russian imperialism” and the ousting of Soviet troops from Eastern Europe. This, fortunately failed, the plan was, on the one hand, a harbinger of the Cold war, which soon broke out, on the other hand, it was a continuation of the international policy between the two world wars in which the USSR and Western Europe treated each other with mistrust, fear, and did everything possible for the political weakening each other.

Back in 1917 when in Russia there was the October revolution, the British (and the allies) sided with the anti-Bolshevik camp. After the victory of the Reds in the Civil war Britain had to abandon attempts at direct military pressure on Bolshevism. In the 1920-ies began the process of diplomatic recognition of Soviet Russia. In 1924 the USSR was recognized and the UK. But the political conflict of the socialist state and the capitalist powers (mainly England, France and Poland) continued to smolder. Both sides do not exclude that in the future these conflicts can lead to war. During the twenties, the British feared the growing influence of Communist ideas and the Comintern agents inside the country. Considering that Russians don’t just expect the “world revolution”, but also making plans to overthrow the British government in 1927 England, even broke off diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union. Such steps often precedes the Declaration of war, so up until 1929, when the relationship was restored, the Soviet side did not rule out escalation of the conflict. As the historian V. A. Shishkin, “inthe possibility of a military threat was considered to be quite real.”

as a result, the red army quite seriously prepared to fight against the British. Already in 1927 in the USSR there were posters of “Preparing a response” with a picture of a Soviet tank and aircraft rushing to the offensive. As British until the second half of the 1930s were viewed as the most likely opponent, the Soviet soldiers learned to see in the British enemies. This was reflected in the process of training soldiers and officers. For example, the target of the red army “machine gun” 1932 used in the exercise, was a picture of soldiers in the field form the UK for the heavy machine gun, much like the English “Lewis”. In Soviet military journals have also published relevant illustree. So, the aviation magazine “Aircraft” in February 1941, came with the cover, where the Soviet fighters attacked the bombers, the British Armstrong Whitworth A. W. 38 Whitley. That publication did not cause a diplomatic scandal, the markings on the image of the British planes were missing.

However, the British all knew that. Before the beginning of the great Patriotic war (which forced the UK and other capitalist countries to become temporary allies of the Soviet Union) they didn’t delete the Russian from the list of their enemies. The countries of Western Europe actively supported Finland during the “Winter war” of 1939-1940, the USSR expelled from the League of Nations and sent volunteers to fight for the Finns (about 11 thousand). Vividly the hostility of England to the Soviet Union appeared in 1940, when the British together with the French, considered the “operation pike”, which was the bombing of oil refineries in Baku in order to disrupt the Soviet fuel supply in Germany and thus undermine the resource base of the Luftwaffe. It was important to “paralyze the entire economy of the USSR before the Reich will be able to use it to their advantage”. But since Stalin gradually began to distance themselves from Hitler, the plan of the British was cancelled.

by the Way, the Alliance with Germany, which became impossible due to the irrational desire of Hitler to destroy Russia, it seemed to 1933 is quite natural, and Russian, and Germans. From 1920 to 1933 the Reichswehr and the Red army cooperated actively, and in 1923 the command of the Soviet and German armies agreed in case of war with Poland (which sought to destroy those and others) to oppose the poles and their allies together. Then the danger of war passed, and a new partition of Poland was delayed until 1939, But the tension in relations with Britain brought Germany and the Soviet Union for a long time. Only the plan “Barbarossa” and the beginning of a brutal war, the Third Reich in the East was interrupted for several years the confrontation between the Soviet Union and great Britain.

Konstantin Dmitriev

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