Why did Stalin have classified the results of the census of 1937

History 21/02/20 Why did Stalin have classified the results of census 1937

data Collection was carried out in the Soviet Union more than once. However, only the census in 1937 had such terrible consequences. Many of its organizers were in the camps, and some, including the chief statistical office, Ivan Kraval, were shot.

First and only

Preparations for the Soviet census of 1937 was very thorough. This is evidenced by the fact that in 1932 in the Moscow region was launched a trial balloon – a preliminary census, taking into account the results of planned data collection process for all residents. Additionally, the event was postponed at least 2 times: first it was scheduled for 1935, then in 1936, as indicated by the printed draft documents with corresponding date.

additionally, the census is the 37th year the first and only time was declared as a day. That is why the implementation of this idea has attracted 1 million 250 thousand meters. The main difference was based solely on those people who were at the time of visit of the enumerator in a particular locality regardless of their place of permanent residence.

head of the census Bureau was Quitkin, and the position of the head of the statistical office already occupied the Kraval. The organization of the census was monitored by comrade Stalin personally. He even participated in the formulation of the questions.

the Census of 1937 was widely advertised. For these purposes, were produced millions of pamphlets and leaflets, hundreds of thousands of posters, countless matchboxes with agitation. Their results, for reasons authorities, the census of 1937 was obliged to demonstrate to the world the achievements of the Soviet system.

Unexpected results

However, their hopes did not materialize. The increase in the number of population in the USSR in comparison with 1926 withleft 37 million, as previously stated, a total of 15 million.

Many experts agree that the reasons were a high mortality rate among minors from a variety of infections, hunger and, of course, repression. However, some tend to believe in the failure of departments the registry office. Historians believe that the Registrar had not registered a considerable number of births and deaths. This would be possible in rural areas or in the “backward” republics Kalmykskaya ASSR, Buryat-Mongol ASSR and others.

In General, all information regarding the outcome of the data collection, 1937, now were not subject to disclosure, and the census was declared incorrect.

the judgement in the case of

Guilty in the failure of the census was proclaimed by many leaders, including the chief of the Bureau Quicken, and head of the statistical office Kraval. The latter was sentenced to death and killed in August 1937. Most of the convicts in the case went to the camp.

Re the census, it was decided to organize in 2 years.

Surviving documents with the results of the census of 1937 was opened to the world only in 1990.

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