Why Boris Yeltsin would not tolerate foul-mouthed

History 01/02/20 Why Boris Yeltsin would not tolerate foul-mouthed

the First President of Russia Boris Yeltsin entire life categorically not tolerate obscene language. It would seem that the work on the construction site in the 1950s, where the future politician was the way from a foreman to the foreman, was to “enrich” his speech profanity. However, Yeltsin why-that has not adopted the habit of their colleagues – and will always remain your vocabulary free from abusive language. However, a person who knew the President’s people are those who are not inclined to extol him unduly. Rumor has it, Yeltsin could not afford a strong word in relation to subordinates, but absolutely would not tolerate such in his address.

the Main virtue of the President

Years later, in the Soviet party nomenclature Yeltsin remained one of the few who not only allowed herself to speak, but to all but the closest, turned solely on “you”. Already standing at the head of Russia, he imposed a penalty for every foul word in the famous presidential club on Lenin hills, where the elite of the country gather in the evening to play sports or dinner. Yeltsin himself, however, eventually appeared in the club less and less, so the atmosphere soon enough again filled with the choicest swearing. “Knock” to the President of the profanity, no one dared.

According to the author of a biography of Yeltsin, journalist and writer, Boris Minaev, the Mat was disgusted with the President because he was his “belonging to the social bottom, criminal post-war language of the street”, that is, the dysfunctional environment that he had to face in childhood and adolescence, and from which ambitious Uralets wanted to get out.

Yeltsin’s Assistant in the mid-1990s, Georgy Satarov considered “allergic to math” one of the main virtues of his boss. If you believe is known to the analyst, the Russian President was a “unique boss” who is that rarity was able to trust my people.

“the Man was very peculiar: imagine a Builder who is not swearing, it is impossible. But Yeltsin was exactly. He was always treated with respect: not even “you” will not hear, not only harsh words,” said Satarov.

“I Pesachim lordly tone”

In turn, long-term guard and ally of Alexander Korzhakov recalled how once, back in the 1980s, was present at the dressing down from the boss of one of his subordinates blundered. According to Korzhakov, Yeltsin was “scolded and knew that the humiliated to respond to equal him”.

“I once attended a city Committee of the Bureau, and I was embarrassed to listen to Boris, considering the offending supervisor for poor performance, humiliated his human dignity,” wrote former intelligence officer in his memoirs.

in 1995, after the terrorist attack of Chechen separatists in Budyonnovsk, head of Russia sending in the resignation of the interior Minister, presidential representative in Chechnya and Stavropol region Governor, “was penicil their derogatory, lordly tone.”

All team members of Yeltsin knew of the character of his boss and learned not to allow swear words, at least in his presence. However, the recent history of Russia knows cases when an unforgivable mistake in this area will ultimately cost the careers of major public figures.

As Burbulis ruined their own careers

Very revealing incident happened a few months before the collapse of the USSR at the cottage of a family of Yeltsin in Arkhangelsk. At that time the leader of the democratic movement was preparing for elections of the President of the RSFSR in 1991 and could not find a worthy candidate for the position of Vice President. By the rules each applicant for the highest office in the Republic had to go in tandem with the future Vice. Therefore, Yeltsin seriously risked to miss the registration. In desperation he began to look to GGennadiy Burbulis, forward-looking policies of democratic persuasion and, most importantly, his countryman. However, during the feast in the Archangel, having touched with alcohol, started the artistic mother when pronouncing a toast, shocking the spouse of the owner of the Hacienda Naina and daughter Tatyana Dyachenko.

Soon Burbulis became ill from drinking vodka. He went to a secluded place and cleansed the stomach using the “traditional method”. Vice-President in the elections with Yeltsin gone, Alexander Rutskoi. And aspired to the highest public office Burbulis later settled for secondary roles, until I finally was written off to reserves.

tellingly, Rutskoi did not take into account the errors of colleagues and stepped on the same rake. Once at the table after a few shots, he didn’t just put it, and spoke obscenities. Ears Yeltsin was methodically faded. To keep foul-mouthed for a long time he did not.

Why Chernomyrdin mate got away with it

another time Yeltsin were steamed in the sauna with his ally Ruslan Khasbulatov. The memories Korzhakov, preferred to talk with the assistants in the main Mat. Feeling on equal terms with the President, the Chairman of the Supreme Council resulted in the steam room personal masseur and didn’t really follow the language. Yeltsin suffered a bugger, but his personal attitude to Khasbulatov hopelessly deteriorated. With such a minor episode began a historic confrontation of the two heads of branches of power in the new Russia, in October 1993 which resulted in the shooting of the White house from tanks.

Perhaps, during the presidency of Yeltsin, in senior positions, there has been only one well-known fan of strong expressions, which all get away with it, Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin. Why wasn’t touched “antimaterie repression” of the head of state remains a mystery to this day.

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