Why because of one wedding party of the Soviet Union quarreled with Chile

History 15/02/20 Why because of one wedding party of the Soviet Union quarreled with Chile

Love is happiness, especially if it is mutual. It happened with the Soviet citizen Lydia Lesja’s and son of the Chilean Ambassador Alvaro Cruz Lopez de Heredia. However, the marriage of the two lovers eventually turned into big problems not only for them but also for the two countries.

Love and politics

Lydia Lesina was born in 1927 in the town of Kondrovo, Kaluga region. Her father worked as a mechanic at a paper mill, was a member of the Communist party. The Lida worked first as a technical clerk in the Dzerzhinsky district Komsomol Committee, and then moved to Moscow and got a job as a servant in French, but the idea to the Italian Embassy. The recruitment of staff for embassies worked – Byurobin – service Office for foreigners. It is clear that gaining on the kind of work people are politically competent and trustworthy.

Soon 19-year-old Lida fell in love. And her choice was not a simple Soviet man, and the son of the Ambassador of the Republic of Chile in the USSR Dr. Luis David Cruz Ocampo, Alvaro Cruz Lopez de Heredia. In December 1946, the couple formalized their relationship. And in February of the next year issued a decree “On prohibition of marriages between Soviet citizens and foreigners”. It fits into the framework of the then policy critique of “groveling before the West” and “rootless cosmopolitans”. They say that Stalin took this decision amid a sharp deterioration of relations with Yugoslavia, after learning that the son of Yugoslav leader Josip Broz Tito Broz Hot married the young Muscovite Tamara Veger.

meanwhile, the Ambassador Ocampo was sent to Santiago the next review of the events in the Soviet Union. The data in this assessment of the situation in the Soviet state was not very flattering, but that no one was supposed to know – a document intended solely for internal use. However, the contents of the report somehow got into the press. And Chilean President gonzález videla felt that here-here will start a nuclear war with the United States, in which he put on the last. Oil poured into the fire and the strike of the Chilean miners, many of whom were immigrants from the socialist countries of Eastern Europe, such as Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia. In the end, the country has banned the Communist party, diplomatic relations with Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, and along with the USSR were severed.

the Hostages intelligence

In October 1947, the Chilean Ambassador had to leave Moscow. But only his daughter-in-law Lydia away banned, citing a law on marriages with foreigners. The fact that he was adopted after her marriage, was not considered.

Dr. Ocampo son remained in Moscow. And did you See ordered out of Santiago of Soviet diplomats. Sparked an international scandal.

the Family of a Chilean diplomat was shot rooms in the hotel “national”. To expel them from there, no one dared – it would lead to a further worsening of the sensitive political situation. Of course, Lydia pressed, demanded that she divorced Alvaro, brought to her father, tried to persuade daughter. But the young woman refused to leave her beloved. The pressure exerted on Ocampo: the President was Seen, and Soviet intelligence agencies. For example, he pointedly checked the papers every time he left the room.

the Tale without a happy ending

In July 1948, Ocampo was appointed representative of Chile to the UN, Soviet diplomats were finally released from Santiago. Alvaro received permission from the Ministry of foreign Affairs to remain in Moscow, a translator at the Argentine Embassy.

Dr. Ocampo was trying to help his family. He submitted to the Legal Committee of the United Nations the complaint is that Lydia’s not allowed to renounce his Soviet citizenship. There is the action of the Soviet government condemned, but to do nothing could. Alvaro in Moscow, too, had hard times – he twice raised the rate at the national. In a sign of protestand he stopped paying for the room.

the Minister of state security S. Ignatiev offered to evict Alvaro Cruz Lopez de Heredia from the hotel for violation of the passport regime and to expel, and Lydia Lesina be arrested as “socially dangerous person”. However, no time – 5 March 1953 Stalin died. Soon Khrushchev abolished the law prohibiting marriages with foreigners, and Alvaro and Lydia went to Santiago.

However, this story ended not too happily. From Alvaro may, on the basis of long-term stress, developed a mental illness, and Lydia many years I had to care for a sick husband. Children they had. After the death of wife Lydia lived modestly in the outskirts of Santiago, refusing meetings with journalists. And diplomatic relations between the USSR and Chile was restored only in 1964.

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