Why are the Chechens in 1991, stormed the KGB building in Grozny

Another 03/01/20 Why the Chechens in 1991, stormed the KGB building in Grozny

August 1991 was memorable for the rapid events in Moscow. In Grozny, the capital of the Chechen-Ingush Republic, crowds of protesters seized authorities, including the building of the local KGB.

Ivan August

When from Moscow came the news of the creation of the emergency Committee, the situation in Grozny has been “pre-revolutionary”. Capital troubles became a catalyst for vnutrisosudistogo conflict.

the Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Chechen Doku Zavgayev was taken against the plotters wait (which the opposition interpreted as support for the putsch). Meanwhile, the head of the Executive Committee of the National Congress of the Chechen nation Dzhokhar Dudayev spoke out against Yanayev and his associates. Minimize perestroika threatened the separatist plans of ambitious General.

on August 19 in the center of Grozny under the auspices of the NCCP began a rally against the emergency Committee. Contrast to the events in Moscow was that Yeltsin, instead of the tricolor here and there rose the green banner of Islam. 22 August, the situation escalated to the limit. Protesters, demanding the resignation Zavgaev, seized the television station.

Events on August 23

as well As throughout the country, the Soviet power in Chechnya was associated with the state security Committee. And if in Moscow, “democratic” crowd satisfied with the demolition of the monument to Dzerzhinsky on Lubyanka square in Grozny, the situation developed differently. In the book, Leonida Mlechina “the Committee-1991. The untold story of the KGB Russia” is the story of the then head of the counterintelligence Department of the KGB of the Republic of Turkey Ahmet Hateva:

“the Crowd came to the building Committee, demanded – give people who have you in the dungeons. I spoke to these people. Explained that we have the cameras did not keep. If you want to make sure, you can select from among themselves two or three people, we’ll show them.<...> The people dispersed.”

However, on August 23, protesters still stormed the state security building. The Chairman of the Republican KGB Igor Kochubey reported the incident to the Moscow authorities. Any resistance the staff is not provided. According to rumors, the capture took place under the leadership of policeman Bislan gantamirova that after a couple of months became mayor of Grozny.

Kochubey has taken a tough stance against Dudayev. But his hands were tied. After the August 26 Republican KGB received an order from Moscow not to interfere in the Chechen events.

“Apparently, the leadership of the RSFSR did not know how to react to the situation in Chechnya, Dudayev, in principle, did the same thing, that of Yeltsin in Russia – sought to become President of a sovereign country, which has destroyed the structures of the Union state and the existing state system, based on force and not on law,” – said the researcher of the Chechen conflict historian Valentina Tsvetkova.

the September storm

Pandering to Pro-Dudayev turned to the overthrow of the Supreme Soviet of chiassr and a new seizure of the building of the KGB, which occurred on 5 September. This time, the Committee was taken by the forces of Dudayev “national guard”, whose ranks were, for example, later known terrorist Shamil Basayev. Evidence about those events differ in details. According to some, the invaders had no weapons, however, it is known that killed one of the security officers. Security staff was in a hurry in the first place to get rid of the papers for fear of reprisals against informants.

“We were able to take a significant part of the archive, and we saved the agents. But the guns we did not take,” said Kochubey (cited in the newspaper “Izvestia”).

According to media reports, in the hands of the Chechens was located in the warehouse security 2 thousand rifles and 2 million bullets destined not only for the KGB of the Chechen-Ingushetia, but also for the committees of other republics. These weapons played a huge role in establishing DooGaevskogo mode.

as part of the archive, his fate is known from the words of Alla Dudayev. In 2008 the widow of the President of Ichkeria announced in an interview with “Kommersant” that has fallen into his hands the papers of the state security Dudayev ordered to destroy – not to “embarrass” those clans whose members had collaborated with the KGB.

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