Who really won the battle of Borodino

History 13/02/20 Who really won the battle of Borodino

September 7, 1812 was one of the most brutal one-day battle. The French called it the “Bataille de la Moskova”, the Russians – the battle of Borodino. Different names, unclear results – ambiguous victory. 7 estimates of the “Russian victory” at Borodino.

Napoleon Bonaparte

“From all my battles the worst thing is that I gave at Moscow. The French showed themselves worthy of victory, and the Russian courted the right to be invincible. Of the fifty battles I have data in the battle of Moscow, the French showed the most prowess and gained the least success.”

J. RAPP (adjutant General of the Emperor)

“the Battle was won, but fierce fire was still going. The dressing made me a surgeon of Napoleon. The Emperor himself came to visit me. “Again, that means it’s your turn? How are you doing?” — “Your Majesty, I think You have to be in guard.” “I won’t do it; don’t want to risk it. I am sure that you will win the battle without her participation”. Indeed, the guard in combat was not involved, with the exception of thirty guns, made the right miracles.”

A. De Caulaincourt (chief master of the horse of the Emperor)

“the Night it was apparent that the enemy began to retreat: the army was ordered to move behind him. The next day it was possible to detect only the Cossacks, and, moreover, only two leagues from the battlefield. The enemy claimed the vast majority of their wounded, and we got only those prisoners about whom I said, 12 guns of the redoubt, taken my poor brother, and three or four others, taken at the first attacks.”

L. De Beausset (Palace prefect)

“whatever it was, but the victory was complete, so complete, that the Russian army was never for a moment could believe in the possibility to defend their capital. But this did not prevent them to serve as prayer”.

M. I. Kutuzov (field Marshal)

“This day will remain an eternal monument to her husbandof assets and excellent bravery of the Russian soldiers, where all infantry, cavalry and artillery fought desperately. The desire of all to die on the spot and not to yield to the enemy. The French army under leadership of Napoleon, being foremost of the forces overcame the fortitude of the Russian soldier, to sacrifice life for the Fatherland”.

D. N. Bolhovsky (duty staff officer)

“…We retreated the next day after the battle, not broken, but the lack of capable of fighting, while the enemy had at its disposal fresh troops. But where is the reason for this apparent and unexplained inaction of Napoleon? How to understand that in the beginning of the battle he acted offensive and bringing the matter to the end, and in three hours, at a time when he was able to master all the items that we took to the front from the swiftness of his attacks, and thus, in a moment of obsession full success he held, rather, in a defensive position, rather than actively”.

A. B. Golitsyn (the adjutant of Kutuzov)

“Kutuzov never thought to give battle the next day, but she said that one policy. The night I rode with Toll position where our weary warriors slept like the dead, and he was told that it is impossible to think to go forward, and even less to defend with 45 thousand places that were occupied 96 in the thousands, especially when Napoleon whole guards corps did not participate in the battle. Kutuzov knew all this, but was waiting for this report and, after hearing him, ordered without delay to retreat, instructing Platov’s rearguard. He quickly moved away, 2 hours brought almost the whole French army in position to Mozhaysk, where it was expected to defend and not to concede it to the French to the other day, but it did without this.”

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