Where are you going?

under the heading “Where you going?” the ridiculous clash at the intersection of Dzerzhinsky Avenue and the street Knit — one car braked hard, the second too late to notice this manoeuvre, and not kept my distance. What reasons led to this accident and what are the disadvantages of traffic management at the intersection contributed to the accident — ppodrobnee in the material Dmitry Kosenko.

the Intersection of Dzerzhinsky Avenue and the streets of Knitted, black Toyota Land Cruiser and Nissan light wagon drove up to the intersection of the centre. Two left, are waiting for the green arrow for turning left on a Jersey, right on the Avenue you can go — on the main green. The Nissan driver probably intends to go straight, he thinks the driver of the Toyota Land Cruiser is right. But no, the SUV suddenly brakes and the car with all the fluff crashed into him, watch the video.