Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) has called on citizens to stick together in view of the current challenges. “If we link hands and stick together, we are strong,” said Scholz in a video message published on Saturday.

The big problem that is bothering many at the moment, “are the rising prices, is inflation, that everything is getting more expensive,” he said, referring to the concerted action scheduled for Monday in the Chancellery. Scholz invited trade unions, employers’ associations, the Bundesbank and scientists to talk to us about what we were doing, “as was the case in such difficult times in the 1960s and 1970s.”

“We have to join hands and stick together” – this was the message that came out of the most recent summit meetings. Scholz called the EU summit in Brussels “when we gave the Western Balkan states new impetus for the accession process to the European Union and also invited Ukraine and Moldova”.

The same was the message of the G7 summit, “when the large, economically strong democracies gathered and talked to each other about the challenges we are facing”. Scholz mentioned the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine, “but also how we deal with, for example, energy, security issues and climate change and hunger in the world”.