There’s always something in Berlin, and this weekend there was an earthquake. EARTHQUAKE? Even those who are otherwise shocked are amazed. The message originated on Twitter, where some things have shaky ground, if anything. But after T-Online had reported and then other media as well, no one can ignore the matter.

To start with Twitter, “House was swaying, my floor lamp was swaying too,” cabled one user there. At least the house didn’t fall over, because the fire brigade would have tweeted that and the police press office would have reported it a day or two later, something like this: “The house fell over… the residents were quite astonished… a connection with a music performance can lead to cannot be ruled out at this time. The investigations are carried out by the Earthquake Commissariat of Directorate 4 (South)”.

But she hasn’t.

According to her own statements, the woman with the lamp sway lives on the fourth floor of an old building, about two kilometers as the crow flies from the epicenter. The epicenter is well known: the hangars at the former THF airport, where the rock festival “Tempelhof Sounds” celebrated its premiere at the weekend. At the time of the tremor at 8:58 p.m., the English band “Florence the Machine” was playing.

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A visitor reports on Sunday that before the last chorus of Florence’s song “Dog days are over”, the audience was asked to put their cell phones away and jump as high as possible on the next “run”. “And that’s what we did.”

While the moles were wondering, the people from Neukölln began to google: T-Online and RBB quote a geologist with his own earthquake blog who reported significant activity on his online site and the deflection of three private seismological measuring stations up to 1.4 on the magnitude scale.

Normally you don’t feel such a tremor, explained the geologist – even a subway creates more. But usually there are also a few kilometers of earth’s crust between the epicenter and the nearest apartment and not just the soles of the polluters.

What do we do with this information now? Maybe simply: we are comfortable on our floe. The first thing to do is get through Monday. It’s also pretty bumpy sometimes.