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Biography 16/01/20 What the real name was Yuri Andropov

As rightly noted by Alexey Kofanov, author of “the eternal Tribunal: the murder of Soviet Union”, the biography of Yuri Andropov very confusing. And the confusion was made, and the Secretary General himself, narrating the story of his life in different ways. Even the name of Andropov changed, as it turned out, not once.


a Significant contribution to the study of the biography of Yuri Vladimirovich Andropov was made by the journalist mark Steinberg. It is referenced many modern authors who, for one reason or another, considered in his works, biographical details of the Secretary-General. So, Alexander Severus, in his book “10 myths about the KGB” also cites Steinberg, according to which, at birth, Andropov had to get the name of his biological father, a Polish Jew of Valva Lieberman, who served as a telegrapher at the station Nagutskaya, and died in 1919 of typhus.

After the death of Andropov Lieberman’s mother, which, as pointed out in his book “Russia: yesterday, today and tomorrow” V. S. White, called Genia (Eugene, or), Feinstein (according to others Fleckenstein), moved to Mozdok. It was 1922. By the time Feinstein had to marry again for the assistant locomotive engineer Viktor Fedorov and to give birth to his daughter, Valentina. In Mozdok both spouses engaged exclusively in the teaching activities: Yevgenia Karlovna taught music, while her husband worked as an instructor in the factory school.


In the same factory school, if you believe Alexander Kolpakidi, author of the book “the sword and Shield. The leaders of state security bodies”, and learned and Yuri Andropov. However, then it was a different name. According to Alexander Panov in the publication of “cosmic deception USA”, thanks to her stepfather, the same one former assistant, who in Mozdok instructor in the school years Andropov was Fedorov. Yes and his name was then not Yuri, and Grigori. Exactly how and at what stage Gregory was Yuri, remained unknown.

it Remains a mystery and the circumstances in which Andropov finally decided on the name. However, we do know that in 1931, when the future Chairman of the KGB graduated seven years, his documents were listed: Gregory Vladimirovich Andropov-Fedorov. At least, such information can be gleaned from the book of Oleg Fochkin “Moscow. Face streets. The continuation of the legends.” Subsequently, the second part of the name of the Secretary General disappeared.


According to the data given in the book of Sergey Chertoprud “Yuri Andropov: the secrets of the KGB Chairman”, Andropov is the name of another stepfather of the General Secretary. Yes, and it turned out to be fake. The fact that, according to former first Secretary of the Krasnodar regional Committee of the CPSU SF Medunov, another husband Geni Feinstein, in reality, was a Greek Jew, and originally bore the name Andropolous. Then he turned it on Russian lad. This version mentions in the book “the secret relatives” and historian Nikolay Zenkovich.

As the authors of the publication “the Black book of names, which had no place on the map of Russia”, the purpose for which Yuri Andropov needed to change surname and even the name, is unclear to this day. However, Anastasia Ignateva, author of “the USSR. Lost Atlantis”, there is no mystery here does not see. She believes that it was an attempt to hide their Jewish roots, to advance up the ladder. Andropov is valid until the end of days did not recognize that his mother is a Jew by nationality, he insisted that she was only the adopted daughter of Charles Fleckenstein.

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