What will happen to the world if one meter rise of water in the ocean

Another 24/01/20 What will happen to the world if one meter rise of water in the ocean

Over the past 100 years, global sea level has risen by about 20 centimeters, which has already led to the flooding of many coastal territories. What would happen if ocean water will be higher than one meter?

the Frightening prospects

Today is not the question of whether to climb the world’s oceans. Humanity care how this process will be quick and in what areas he is a threat. According to scientists, the reason for the increase of level of world ocean in global warming: on the one hand, it increases due to the melting of glaciers, on the other – due to the expansion of the volume is constantly heated mass of ocean water.

raising the global sea level is primarily threatened countries with low-lying coastline and numerous island States, which can fully or partially submerge. According to experts, the risk zone includes many of the Islands of the Indian and Atlantic oceans, shallow atolls of Oceania, a considerable part of the coast of the US, UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, and some countries of South-East Asia.

According to research group Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme, by the end of this century ocean levels will rise on average by 1.5–2 meters, it will cause damage of not less than 70% of the world population under the threat of onset of water will have to move about 100 million people. The first consequences of this process, according to scientists, humanity will experience in the coming decades.

What country will suffer from the rise of the oceans in the first place?

the Maldives

This archipelago, located at 25 coral atolls and 1190 Islands, is considered to be an earthly Paradise. Many people call the Maldives among the most promising places to invest in real estate – because the number of applicants to be here for her to drinkSK is growing every year. However, the British owner of a small IT company James Dixon believes that this flow of people wanting to see the pearl of the Indian ocean before it will go under water.

According to climatologists, the Maldives – one of the first victims of global warming. Even in the most optimistic scenario until the end of the twenty-first century, the water level here will rise by 2 meters, which will bring the island nation to the death. Pessimistic forecasts say that most of the local atolls will be submerged in the coming decades.


One of the most unique cities in the world beneath the sea long ago – its very birth connected with the sea. According to current data, the rate of flooding of Venice is from 2 to 4 mm per year. But even with such a slow speed, according to scientists, the city will become uninhabitable already in 2028, and to the 2100-th it is almost completely sinks with all its palaces and churches.

What can be expected in Venice even with a slight increase in global sea level is evidenced by the flood of autumn 2018, when due to heavy rains and storm winds, the water level in the canals of Venice have risen by 1.56 meters. Due to heavy flooding, authorities were forced to close to visitors area of SV. Brand, which is the center of attraction for tourists. Then the water was about 3/4 of the city.

Paradoxically, the immersion in the waters of the Adriatic, so frightening local residents, has only served to increase tourist traffic in Venice. Every year the city attracts over 10 million people. The average prices of hotels here has already reached the level of the Geneva hotels, recognized in Europe, the most expensive – about 239 Euro per day. The city administration expects to raise additional revenue to combat the elements, immersing Venice under water.

In turn increasing the number of tourists adversely affects the condition of the city. According to the architects, all that the mass gradually “presses” Venice, resting on Polishnesstheir wooden piles even more down, which only accelerates the process of flooding. The Italian government urgently initiated the discussion of the bill on which the entrance to the historical part of the city will be charged. The money will go to the construction of dikes and dams that will help to postpone the onset of the disaster.


According to scientists, luxury Miami may soon be faced with a catastrophe worthy of the old Testament flood. However, this does not deterred investors who continue to invest in the popular resort region. Apparently the consequences of climate change, they do not consider the threat of the future – they live with it today.

Vulnerable to global warming, the city is doing its specific Geology: Miami beach is on porous limestone, which can absorb rising water, after which it gushes from all the sewage. The topography of the region, which does not rise above two meters, only exacerbates the situation.

Miami beach recent years is in the forefront of the struggle of the United States with climate change bringing a rise in global sea level. It is not uncommon road machinery, workers, warning signs, concrete blocks and the mountains of the earth – all that is needed to fight the flood. For projects associated with deterrence of sea-level rise the government plans to allocate not less than $ 1.5 billion.

True climatologists from Arizona state University believe that all of this will have short term effect. In their opinion, even if the global sea level will rise by only one meter, it will bring Miami enormous damage, one additional meter threatens to deprive the entire coastal region of life.

the Netherlands

This is the only planet the place where people recovered from the sea almost half its territory. “God made the sea, and the Dutch Bank”, – says the proverb. Netherlands from the invasion of the sea is guarded by a complicated system of dams and canals: if it fails, satplansat would be thousands of hectares of farmland and hundreds of towns. The accelerated rise in global sea level threatens to bring this script to life.

using data from the European space Agency had determined that in some areas of the Netherlands North sea water rises at a speed of two centimeters per year. Scientists predict that if the level of the coastal waters will rise at least one meter under the water will leave the largest cities – Amsterdam and the Hague. This can happen in the next half century. According to experts, to enjoy the pleasures of Amsterdam canals with tourists not more than 20 years.


the Capital of Thailand has a very pessimistic Outlook. Every year Bangkok goes deeper under water. It is influenced by several factors. In addition to rising global sea level pose a danger clay soils around the river Chao Phraya, which built the metropolis. The weight of the increasing amount of skyscrapers smoothly down the city down. The major part of Bangkok is already below sea level.

the Rate of subsidence of the Thai capital is about 3 cm per year. For example, residents of the district of Samutprakarn, which houses erected near the river, have been forced to walk ankle-deep in water. The head of the National centre for prevention of natural disasters Smith Dharmasaroja believes that before the end of this century, Bangkok will turn into a “new Atlantis”. His predictions are worth listening to, as it Dharmasaroja predicted a giant tsunami that in December 2004 washed away hundreds of settlements in Southeast Asia.


It is Equatorial, the state comprises 33 Islands of which 13 are suitable for accommodation. However, due to the alternation of dry and rainy seasons of life the area is gradually declining. Especially local residents concerned about raising the level of coastal waters, arriving at a record pace – 2 cm per year.

In 2012 the UN has raised the issue of the relocation of kiribatian to safer territory. Theto, the President of the Republic of Kiribati has already purchased for their fellow citizens of 2.5 thousand Hectares of land on nearby Fiji. These lands had previously been occupied by the Anglican Church that broke up over 8 million 700 thousand dollars. But the government of Kiribati going to fight for their territory to the last. In particular, they plan to create artificial Islands. However, the price for one of the poorest countries in the world are too high – $ 2 billion.


This is one of the most vulnerable States before the onset of global warming. According to forecasts of climatologists, under the threat of flooding is about 22 000 sq km the territory of Bangladesh. This can happen by 2050 when the level of the coastal waters will rise to 1, 5 meters.

Bangladesh has a population of about 164 million people by mid-century this figure will reach 220 million Disaster will cause a huge Exodus. At least 30 million people from the South coast would strike at the North of the country and then to India that will become a threat to the security of the region, and also will lead to epidemics, shortage of food and water. Given that epidemiological, demographic and economic situation in Bangladesh over time is unlikely to improve, the Indian authorities need to think about solving the problem today.

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