What the soldiers of the red Army were the most fearless

Heroes 22/02/20 What the soldiers of the red Army were the most fearless

history of the Russian state is inseparably connected with wars – for centuries our ancestors repeatedly stood up in defense of the Fatherland. Strength, bravery and fighting skill of the Russian soldiers forced the enemy to respect them, but the more he was impressed with the cases when the soldiers were purposefully involved in a fight, and under such conditions, in which they unequivocally threatened with death. And they took it with a proudly raised head. Especially clearly manifested during the great Patriotic war. Let’s try to understand what the peoples of Russia was not afraid of death.


In the West is now fashionable to say that Russians possess mostly negative traits of character, and most of the heroic deeds performed by them – almost an accident. The discrepancy of these fantasies reality becomes obvious even at the most superficial study of history.

the Russians bore the brunt of the great Patriotic war, they accounted for 66% of the total number of red army soldiers. The titular nation has immortalized the memory of his examples of incredible heroism and sacrifice. The feeling of brotherly love that have intensified with the outbreak of war, forced soldiers for the sake of fellow rush under tanks with grenades to obscure the enemy’s loopholes, to RAM enemy aircraft and to direct his wrecked, burning car in the midst of the enemy. In no small measure to the courage of Russian soldiers was influenced by the Orthodox faith, which, despite official atheism, continued to be widespread. After all, as says the gospel of John: “No greater love than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.”

Not enough space to describe all the examples of heroism, but suffice it to recall that in his victory address to the nation, Stalin called people-the winner is Russian, that international policy of the USSR was nonsense.


Tuva – people living on the border of Russia with Mongolia. Nomads and herders, in 1911, they voluntarily agreed to be under the protectorate of the Russian Empire. After the revolution in 1918 the Soviet government signed with the Tuva Agreement on mutual recognition and respect, and in 1926 was established the Tuvan people’s Republic (TNR) is an independent state.

All these years between TNR and the USSR remained allied and friendly relations, and when the war started, the state first, even before England entered into an Alliance with the Soviet Union and declared war on Germany. The leaders of the Republic wrote a letter to Joseph Stalin in which, in particular, stated that “this is our war too.” They also gave the Soviets all of its gold reserves and the profits from gold mining, was put in the army skis, coats, reindeer, and most importantly – was sent to the front 36 thousand volunteers. Even Hitler, who at first laughed at such a small ally and did not even bother to look for a Republic on the map, was forced to change his mind. The German soldiers called Tuvan soldiers of the “black death” – they did not take prisoners and do not give up, continuing to fight even in a hopeless situation. Dismissive attitude to death in Tuvinians is due to their Buddhist beliefs in which death is not the end.

During the war, more than five and a half thousand Tuvinians received state awards and became the Cavaliers, and the tanker churguy-ool namgaevich Khomushku awarded the title hero of the Soviet Union.


Another nation that bravely fought in the great Patriotic war, became the Ossetians. After the attack of Hitler in the Red Army was called every fifth inhabitant of the Republic. Every second of those called did not come home. These people have a tradition: yet in his hands is a weapon, you can’t go back, so the Ossetians are almost never surrendered. At least four of them sacrificed himself, repeated the feat Alexander Matrosov, and two repeatedand the feat of Nikolai Gastello. Once in the environment, the Ossetians prefer suicide bombing, trying to take to the grave as many Germans.

And here peoples to deal with fear of death helped religion: Ossetians – one of the most distinctive ethnic groups, one third of its members still adhered to their own religion, which guarantees the good after death, adopted with honor. The case when a native of Ossetia, the commander of the reconnaissance Khadzhimurza the Z. Mildzikhov alone, armed only with the PCA, covered the retreat of the group with the wounded soldiers and fought off the attack of the enemy in number exceeding a company. Help arrived, when he was wounded three times and he’s only got two bullets. About his position counted 108 enemy dead. For this feat he was awarded the star of Hero of the Soviet Union, and another 71 civilians.


during the war a special courage was shown by the Yakuts. Born hunters, they were excellent snipers and scouts. During the great Patriotic war has gone from 62.5 thousand Yakuts, the majority of them were volunteers. Returned home only 35 thousand people.

the Harsh climatic conditions and closeness to nature strongly influenced the consciousness and lifestyle of the people. Due to the harsh nature of the Yakuts was not among them traitors and defectors. The attitude of the Yakuts to death cannot be called indifferent, but many of them during the war acted so bravely that it bordered on recklessness. The fact that the traditional Yakut religion preaches Aiyy life of the human soul after his physical death.

the Yakut snipers haunted the Germans, but the most effective of them was Fyodor Matveyevich Okhlopkov – on account of his 429 soldiers and officers. Under his leadership was raised by many prominent hands. One day he spent the whole day lying in the shelling of the neutral zone, playing dead and waiting for from the dugout will be an enemy officer, and after shots of the night returned to the hAsti.

the Highlanders

during the great Patriotic war went to the front many of the sons of the North Caucasus. The highlanders fought in all military branches, and even on submarines. More than half of Caucasians went to war as volunteers, and many covered themselves with glory. Hot blood, the tradition of the mountain and proud by nature sets them apart from other warriors. Contempt for death and bravery are often allowed them to overcome the enemy and make him run. In difficult moments, the power they gave to the Muslim faith, which promised them that after death they will go to a better world.

So, the native of Dagestan Nuradilov Khanpasha Nuradilov, who took part in the fighting from the first days of the war, in the year 920 destroyed the enemy soldiers. In his first battle, when all his colleagues were killed and he himself wounded, he remained at the machine gun and managed to stop the advance of the Germans in Zakharivka village in Ukraine.

In conclusion, I would like to say that injustice and brutality make even the most peace-loving peoples to become bitter and contemptuous attitude towards death. In combat this attitude works wonders, and nationality does not matter here. Suffice it to recall the heroic defense of the Brest fortress in the beginning of the great Patriotic war. It protected the soldiers from more than 30 nationalities. According to the plan of the German command to take it was 30 minutes, however, the fortress being completely surrounded, resisted for more than a month.

Vasily Khodarev

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