What the commander really was Vasily Chapayev

History 12/02/20 What the commander really was Vasily Chapayev

the fact that the future of the legendary division commander Vasily Ivanovich Chapaev has the makings of a talented military leader, became known in the First world war, where he proved himself brave, resolute commander. Civil war hero, he stood still and strong-willed, divisional commander Chapaev repeatedly clashed with his superiors and didn’t follow through.

Brave Crusader

Chapayev for participation in the First world war there were 3 St. George cross and George medal. This suggests that the commander Sergeant major Chapayev was brave, “he the heart can not hide behind children”. In one of the battles near the city of Kuta during offensive operations “Brusilovsky breakthrough” Vasily Ivanovich, raising his unit in the attack, was wounded, but after tying again stood in line and rushed into battle. For this battle Chapaev was awarded the “George” of the 2nd degree.

the First major victory

When a revolution happened, Chapaev did not immediately become a Bolshevik – first he joined the socialist-revolutionaries, anarchists then, and only then asked to record themselves in the Bolshevik party. By the time when in Nikolaevsk, where Chapaev from the summer of 1917 he served in the reserve regiment, began to form a consolidated division to confront white, Vasily Ivanovich has seriously proved himself as an organizer and commander of the red Army. He, with the support of the local Council of deputies, assumed the command of the regiment, Chapaev was elected the County’s Commissar of internal Affairs. Vasily Ivanovich dispersed County Council, with a detachment of several hundred swords he rushed from village to village, suppressing the white guard rebellion.

Vasily organized in the County 14 units of red guards, began to form the 1st regiment of Nikolaev. Soon Chapaev led the three thousand team of the Nikolaev regiments. By the way, the brigade commander moved most often in the armored car, not on a spirited horse – effect obtained on the German front wound.

the First major victorious campaign the brigade commander V. I. Chapaev was the liberation of the city of Nikolaev of Czechoslovakia in August 1918. Vasily Ivanovich was poswieconych – did not obey the orders of nichiwa, took his unit across the river Big Irgiz, and the attack chapayevites the Czechs were cut off from the main forces of the whites. They were forced to surrender the city.

He was able to convince the

Numerous eyewitness accounts of the style of command of V. I. Chapaev boil down to what he though was cool, sometimes smug and obstinate commander, but the authority in the army was unquestioned. This is evidenced by even the Commissioner Chapayev division Dmitry Furmanov with which the Chapa was a very complicated relationship.

In the super popular in its time, the film “Chapaev” is the footage of the retreat of the red army of untrained peasants, attacked Czechoslovakia and Ural Cossacks. Escaped threw in the river arms. Chapaev stopped that stampede, returned retreated to their former positions and forced to look for abandoned rifles and machine guns. As a result after the shameful incident of attack the enemy’s part was repulsed and the settlement, which was a battle taken chapayevites. Vasily Ivanovich for this act he received two congratulatory telegrams – he praised himself commander-in-chief Vatsetis and commander Hwasin.

Here is what a leadership qualities Chapaeva one of his former subordinates, hero of the Soviet Union N. M. Khlebnikov, the Civil head of the artillery battalion in the division of Chapaev. Nikolai Mikhailovich called Vasily Ivanovich highly gifted commander. Chapa, according to Klebnikov, before the military operation, did so: they gathered all the commanders, gave them to Express their vision of the future of tactical combat, and then permanently retreated from the map. The next morning was again summoned everyone and said that he decided. When the battle begins, the commanders were surprised sharpness Chapaeva, so faithful was his plan. AsI’ve read many of his colleagues, Chapa had a phenomenal foresight, knowing how the enemy will do. Although, as you know “the Academy” Vasily Ivanovich did not finish – the General staff Academy of the red Army, Chapayev and left after studying there for two months – not pulled. However, supporters of the legendary division commander rely on his natural talent strategist and tactician Chapaeva – box thinking and unexpected solution often led to successful operations, including, and on the defeat of Kolchak. And Kolchak was much more educated Chapaeva in military terms.


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