Not a week goes by that I never saw again some another guardian for the purity of the Russian language not posted a picture on the theme “Say it right”. Not the Manager, and the Manager, not fake and not true and so on. Everything is empty. Explorer NGS Stas Sokolov explains why borrowing how foolish they would look, does not get any language.

Russian dictionary

Those who think that Russian language has swept some wave of foreign words, just do not know the history. Even if we take the words with an obvious origin, we find that the use of borrowing constantly. Just the majority of them Russian speakers have long been accustomed. I somehow never heard of modern zealots of the purity of the native speech detracted from the German sandwich (Butterbrot), dial (Zifferblatt), stool (Stuhl), or apron (Vortuch). It is understandable, germanisms penetrated into Russia in the first half of the 18th century, and so firmly rooted in our language that a person without linguistic education (or at least sense) and not guess their foreign origin.