What spared Hitler in his last interview

History 03/02/20 what spared Hitler in his last interview

Record last conversation with the Fuhrer had recorded in his notebook Swiss journalist Kurt Speidel, who was killed at the storming of the Reich Chancellery. Until the end of the last century transcript of a deathbed interview of Adolf Hitler lay in the Museum of the Armed forces. But thanks to one curious employee mentioned the Museum world still learned about what actually Hitler thought of Stalin and what Soviet leader approved.

Interviews in the bunker

according to Borislav Sklyarevsky, author of “the Mystery of the tragedy of 22 June 1941”, shortly before his death, namely at the end of April 1945, Adolf Hitler, already in the bunker, he ordered his personal Secretary Martin Bormann to find and bring him a journalist is able to interview him. However, the Fuhrer has put one condition: to make his last interview was objective and unbiased, he wanted to meet exclusively with the citizen of a neutral state. That is why in Hitler’s bunker turned out to be the Swiss Kurt Speidel.

according to Grigory Kiselev, the author of the book “Inconvenient truth about the capture of the Reichstag. Search, research, reconstruction”, in the storming of the Reich Chancellery Speidel died. However, the notebook of a journalist with a unique transcript of the conversation survived. Before 1990-ies he was kept in the archives of the Museum of the Armed forces, until one curious employee mentioned the Museum did not undertake to decipher the transcript. It turned out that many years in the archives collecting dust truly sensational material. The first part of the interview was published in the press in 1995.

Stalin, Russian and Russia

Alexander Shcherbakov-Izhevsk, in his book “Marshal Zhukov Victory – Cain?” (series “Immortal regiment”) writes that in his deathbed interview with the leader of Germany thought about the conspiracy against him. Adolf Hitler lamented the fact that the Wehrmacht had betrayed him, and that therefore, he believed that dying at the hands of their own generals. In this regard, Hitler suddenly switched to Stalin and confidently declared that the Soviet leader did the right thing by staging a “purge in the ranks of the red Army and thereby getting rid of the rotten aristocracy.”

According to the transcript, the Fuhrer really was aware of his defeat and the defeat of Germany. However, he said that national socialism was not lost. If you believe Viktor Filatov, the author of the book “Codes of the Torah,” Hitler said Speidell about what he did would not be surprised if he knew that in the XXI century, national socialism will win even in Russia. By his own admission, Adolf Hitler, he never idealized the Russian, where “too many Asian”, but agreed that it is Russian “was stronger and tougher” to everyone who took part in the Second world war.

what spared Hitler?

it is Noteworthy that Adolf Hitler insisted Kurt Spades that he did not want to ignite a war, and generally not from him alone depended the decision. It is therefore not surprising that the question of Swiss journalist what kind of act the Fuhrer regretted the most, he replied: “the Acceleration of the top of the SA in 1934 and the execution of Rema”. At least, this quote from the dying an interview with Hitler’s lead in his book “Russia – the future of… indivisible” Anatoly Tereshchenko. In April 1945, Hitler had already thought of Ernst Rohm loyal national socialist who had walked with him shoulder to shoulder from the very beginning of the struggle.

Indeed Ernst röhm was one of the first members of the Nazi party. However, according to Andrey Vasilchenko in his book “Himmler. The Inquisitor in pince-nez”, in 1934 he was arrested, like many leaders of the SA, during the so-called “night of the long knives”. Subsequently the REM was killed on the orders of Hitler. The Nazi leader recalled in a recent interview: “Ernst was a friend and died with my name on his lips”. In fact before the killing Remus said the name Hitler, but if he said “hail, my führer!” or “Let Adolif personally shoot me!” and remained secret.

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