What Soviet order were the most valuable

History 31/01/20 What the Soviet order was the most valuable

As you know, in the Soviet years there have been many kinds of orders, medals and other awards. However, the most expensive of them, as in the jewelry and morally, after all, was established during the Great Patriotic war. However, if one of the criteria to consider the high cost of rare rewards, then this category can be attributed to the order established in 1974.

the Order of “Victory”

of Course, the most expensive order, both in jewelry and in moral terms, be called the order “Victory”. Agree with this statement and the authors of the textbook “History of Russia. The great Patriotic war of 1941-1945”. As noted in the publication, the order “Victory” was born in October 1943. In order to make one such award was required 180 diamonds, 300 grams of platinum and rubies. The last stones, on Stalin’s instructions, was to be exclusively of natural origin. However, exactly the same rubies don’t exist in nature, so the artist Ivan Kazennov, according to Igor Mozheiko in his book “the prize”, the leader secretly used artificial minerals. Despite the trick of the Breech, the order of “Victory” does not become less valuable. Moreover, in the USSR, this award was only 11 people, and three of them twice: this is Joseph Stalin, Georgy Zhukov and Alexander Vasilevsky.

the Order “For service to Motherland in the USSR Armed forces” of the I degree

If one of the criteria to consider the high cost of rare awards, it is very close to the order of “Victory” in the above list is the order “For service to Motherland in the USSR Armed forces” of the I degree. This award, if you believe the author of the publication “the 100 greatest awards in the world” Vyacheslav Bondarenko, managed to find only 13 lucky owners. Appeared order in 1974 and was intended to encourage military personnel of the main armed forces of the Soviet Union, naval fleet, border guards and employees of internal troops. The order was of 3 degree and award ceremony occurred in steps, starting with the lowest degree III. According to Andrey Gusev, the author of the book “decorations, medals and badges from Peter I to the present”, the debut presentation of awards “For service to Motherland in the USSR Armed forces” III degree was held in 1975. Then they got 57 of the military. However, with the collapse of the Soviet Union, the order is given to stop.

the Order of Suvorov I degree

one of the most expensive awards as the cost of manufacture and the rarity and morally could be considered and the order of Suvorov I degree, established in 1942. As the authors of the publication “the Production of jewelry from precious metals and alloys”, Olga Lebedeva and others, this order, like the order of “Victory”, was made of platinum. Viktor Shunkov, and other authors of the book “Awards, insignia and uniforms of the great Patriotic war”, argue that the order of Suvorov I degree awarded commanders and their deputies, heads of staff for exemplary training, guidance and implementation of various transactions, which resulted in the defeat or destruction of the enemy. All orders of Suvorov I degree was awarded to 391 people, of which more than 20 have received the order three times. By the way, the holders of the awards and some foreign citizens.

the Order of Nakhimov I degree

the Order of Nakhimov was established 2 years after the order of Suvorov. They encouraged the officers of the Navy for the organization and implementation of operations, in which was stored their own strength, and the enemy suffered the most damage. The head of the group, whose members developed a draft of the order, became captain B. M. Khomich. Had a hand in the project, and Joseph Stalin. It was he, if you believe the author of the book “Flagship of Victory. Fleet commanders and fleets”, Nicholas Scricca, suggested the use for the manufacture of the order of Nakhimov rubies. Admiral Nikolai Kuznetsov, wrote: “So, the order of Nakhimov I and II stepienyear has been, in my opinion, the most beautiful, but expensive”. If you believe the newspaper “Awards, insignia and uniforms of the great Patriotic war”, “a little expensive” order of Nakhimov I degree awarded only 75 people.

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