What secret weapon the Soviet Union used against the Chinese in the Sino-Soviet

History 18/01/20 What secret weapon the Soviet Union used against the Chinese in the Sino-Soviet

In March 1969, Chinese troops accumulated on the Sino-Soviet, was a hard and stunning blow from the Soviet side. The impact was so deadly that the next thirty years there were lot of rumors about the use of the Soviet Union some unprecedented weapons – from the “death rays” to nuclear warheads. The reality was simpler: thermobaric shells. At that time – an unprecedented progressiveness and power non-nuclear ordnance.

What was needed to China in the Sino-Soviet?

Before proceeding directly to the subject of the article, it is necessary to address the causes and course of the conflict. The Chinese leadership by the end of 60-ies of XX century, finally left the Wake of the Communist party and proclaimed their own path to socialism, of course, more correct than the revisionist Soviet. Woke up and the territorial appetites of China began to claim to 3 million square kilometers of territory of the USSR, which hit the island Damansky. This piece of land area of 0.74 square kilometers. During the flood on the Ussuri river the whole island disappears under the water.

First, China has launched on the island of provocateurs, “armed” only a book of quotations of Mao, which operated on the nerves of the Soviet border guards. Provocateurs dispersed armored personnel carriers, not firing. Then came the attack of Chinese ambush on border guards, arrived on the island during the battle were killed, dozens of Soviet soldiers. The Chinese began to flood the island and the surrounding area troops, including tanks and artillery. The conflict lasted for two weeks, then on the Soviet side the fire fell from the sky that destroyed in no time the entire group.

the Invention of engineer Denezhkina

the Fire from heaven is not a metaphor. The Chinese shot thermobaric missiles with use of jet systems of volley fire “Grad”, adopted for service with the Soviet Army in 1963. It was the combat debut, and very impressive.

the World learned about thermobaric warheads, called “vacuum bomb”, in the eighties, during the war in Lebanon, where such a charge used in an urban environment. The effects were stunning – destroyed dozens of buildings, and the area literally imagined a parched desert.

In the Soviet Union Grads invented the Tula designer-gunsmith Gennady Denezhkin. He died in the spring of 2016. The principle of the use of missiles for volley fire was applied for the first time at the legendary “Katyusha” during the great Patriotic war. But the shells have changed. It was suggested to use the thermobaric effect, not just to undermine a certain number of explosives – so it was much more effective.

Thermobaric charge has a rather complex structure: the Central bursting charge (RPC) is made of conventional explosives with high detonation velocity, around which is a thermobaric mixture which is a condensed explosive with a high content of metal fuel. The explosion of the thermobaric warhead consists of three stages: the undermining of the RPC giving a detonation wave, which undermines the thermobaric mixture that gives explosion and burning. Everything happens in a moment, a minute, creating a fireball with area of high pressure at the epicenter, which does not constitute an obstacle to the building of the shelter or the terrain. Thermobaric explosion strikes with 100% efficiency of manpower and equipment. The effects of thermobaric charge does not depend on the weather, such as wind or rain.

It is the installation of “Grad” able to for 20 seconds to release 40 rockets of 122 mm calibre and hit the targets on the area of 15-20 hectares at a distance of 25-30 kilometers. At concentrations of Chinese troops on and near the island of Damansky was shot multiple “Grad”. The application secret at the time the equipment was sanctioned at the very top: it was necessary to overwhelm China military power of the Soviet Union and prevent flare up fullylarge-scale war. The task was completed. On memoirs of eyewitnesses, in the area that have covered “Hail” another week the ground was melting.

And the ill-fated island was transferred to China in 1991.

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