What Russian soldiers do not take into snipers

Weapons 20/12/19 photo: Ministry of defence Hkaci soldiers of the Russian army do not take into snipers

the Training of snipers in different departments of the Ministry of defence differs in some details, but the General requirements for candidates are similar. Professional sniper – is unique soldiers-contractor: in a short period of military service to prepare cool the shooter is simply impossible.

What is required from the candidate in the first place

Seven years ago, the defense Ministry announced a large-scale project for all military districts of the country where motorized rifle and tank brigades should be equipped with units specially trained snipers. At the request of the chief of the General staff Nikolai Makarov, each land brigade of the defense Ministry by 2016 must have at sniper company.

According to the concept of training of snipers, developed by the Ministry of defense, a contractor who wants to become such a shooter should not have problems with eyesight, to be single, atheist or Orthodox, preferably with combat experience. Smokers standing on the account in narcological clinics in snipers do not take as the only breadwinners in the family or only sons. Need a sports degree in any discipline (at least two), welcomed the sports that will be useful to the sniper. More likely the sniper-contractor, if he was in this position, urgent. In theory, a professional sniper can be a girl, but it produces the same psychological and physical requirements as candidates-men.

the Future of professional snipers are complex psychological selection, they need to take the mandatory isnormally to run the hundred meters in 13 seconds, to catch up at least 17 times on the bar for 12.5 minutes to run 3 km in the form field.

What snipers are in the army

the Most common category infantry sniper, about their mass preparation and was discussed in 2011. There are still snipers, saboteurs, actionsfollowing behind enemy lines, but it’s the super-trained for several years and these men particular the specificity of action that is different from the other snipers and special weapons.

Infantry snipers operating in the unit, aimed at destroying machine gun emplacements of the enemy, enemy snipers and other source objects of mass destruction. The most common sniper rifle in the armed forces – SVD self-loading Dragunov, the arms are also large caliber rifle KAFP, the machine SHAFT, the sniper rifle VSS and VSSM.

the Salary of a sniper, with a 2 tariff category, according to the Ministry of defense, – 11 thousand roubles. But this amount is given without various kinds of allowances, in the end it is more, in each case calculated individually. With the new ranks, achieve a certain level of training, the fact of being in the “hot spot” and other factors the amount of cash increases. Like any contractor, a sniper hypothetically may eventually achieve any military rank existing in the armed forces of the Ministry of defense, the office provides the opportunity to obtain free higher education at their institutions.

How to prepare snipers in the special forces

the Russian sniper draftee learns during the entire period of service. About your experience of preparing said Leonid Chancellor, who served in the spetsnaz company in the beginning, after the 2nd Chechen campaign. They daily, in any weather, ran 10 km, as well as pull-UPS, push-UPS and crawling (lots of crawling). Carefully studied the structure of all sniper rifles that were in service of the armed forces, ballistics, battle tactics, camouflage. Even sewed camouflage clothing. It was a lot of practical lessons on the range – of different objects (buildings, trenches, basements, and much more). Shot from all types of sniper weapons and Kalashnikovs, rocket-propelled grenades. In the field they were taught to survive and the organization of different kinds of geocaches, smartUW to seize the “language” and remove the sentry… Physical and psychological stress, according to Leonid Chancellor was colossal, so in the first week, two-thirds of the candidates in the snipers dropped out.

… Modern training of snipers, according to historians of the armed forces of the Russian Federation is fundamentally different from the Soviet on a number of parameters: range of sniper weapons greatly expanded, snipers have the ability to gain combat experience in a different kind of “hot spots” that inevitably affects the specificity of training shooters. Besides, the current Russian army focuses on training professional snipers.

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