What kind of training Soviet soldiers before being sent to Afghanistan

History 18/02/20 Frame youtube.somacow training to the Soviet soldiers before they are sent to Afghanistan.

special Training of soldiers of the Soviet army before getting to Afghanistan began a year and a half after the introduction of a limited contingent of Soviet troops (OSCV) in this country and only then the command came to an understanding that conventional military training for fighting in the conditions of a foreign country is not enough.

Why, what a thing to teach

according to “Afghan” Victor Korenev in his memoirs, “a star on the forehead”, “school” for those who were deployed to Afghanistan, were created mainly in Turkestanskii military district (Turkvo) in Termez, Kushka and MAARS. Soldiers in these places is better adapted to the hot and dry climate of the country in which they were destined to fight to Afghanistan was on the doorstep. The standard program of military training in the Soviet armed forces was not enough for the readiness of unit personnel sent to OSCW is shown by the results of the first clashes in Afghanistan: Soviet soldiers almost did not consider warfare in mountainous and desert terrain.

Almost as in “9 Rota”

Afghan two-month “boot camp” for enlisted men, the one that is shown in the film by Fyodor Bondarchuk “9 Rota”, began to create only the beginning of 1982. Accordingly, soldiers trained there for the necessary military occupational specialties (the Vusy), and sergeants in the future was to head offices (or calculations of crews). After 2 years preparation period has increased for a month (for shooters) and for holders of more complicated Vuzov (tankers, machine gunners, grenade throwers) period of study was five months. For 4 years prior to the withdrawal OSCV from Afghanistan all the completion of the 40th army began to pass a five-month training, before crossing the border of Afghanistan and the Soviet Union.

the Paratrooper Alexei Sukonkin in his book “Landing of the country of the Soviets” writes that in “procke” Kushka, as in the Mar and Termez, mainly focused on fire and tactical training. Moral-psychological condition was also given special attention. Hero Alexey Serebryakov in “9 Rota”, lectured that “in history no one has ever been able to conquer Afghanistan” – a character taken from “life”. Soldiers and sergeants (and officers too) before you send “over the pass” had to be taught basic things – hygiene, knowledge of the mentality of “spirits” and the local population, the peculiarities of fighting in the mountainous terrain… In General terms, an outline of the training shown in the movie “9 Rota” (Bondarchuk was authoritative consultants from among the “Afghans”).

the First was the “partisans”

the author of the book ” Kandahar: how it all began… the Lieutenant,” Vladimir Lukinov recalls that the first “shuravi” sent via Kushka “beyond the river”, was cropped (consisting only of officers) of units of the Soviet army “reinforced” Turkmen “volunteers” (they were called “partisans”). When the partisans came back, they brought with them “trophies” – Lukinov V. A. wrote that the Turkmens were scored stores an AK-47 gum, imported socks and even outlandish kogterezki.

In Kushka before sending to Afghanistan, according to lukinova, repairmen had +to alert a lot of military equipment brought to the border with Afghanistan all over the USSR. Officers boozed in the only game in town, later renamed the Serkhetabad the restaurant “Intourist”, cutting the money useless “beyond the river”.

However, in Kushka, everyone, from soldier to officer, there were special instructions on how to behave like a Soviet soldier in “friendly to the USSR” in Afghanistan in order not to diminish the honor of the great Soviet power. “Afghans” remember that in this tutorial was a lot of useful tips concerning the mentality of people in this country purely practical recommendations relating to conditions of stay in a foreign governmTVE.

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