What Hitler said during a recent speech on the radio

History 31/01/20 What Hitler said during a recent speech on the radio

it is Impossible not to recognize that Adolf Hitler was a great orator. His speeches he infected millions. However, the recent statement by the führer was broadcast on radio, the same enthusiasm has not caused. Despite the fact that Hitler urged his compatriots to stand up to the end, from his demon-possessed tone, the memories of a war interpreter Emanuela Levin not gone.

a Talented public speaker

According to William Bernstein, author of “the Mass media from ancient times to our days”, Adolf Hitler differed from other speakers of its time that tried to settle in the hearts of their listeners peace and rest, and on the contrary, incited anger in them. As Bernstein says, any man, whether German or foreign, having heard Hitler’s speech, stayed and began to listen. And this happened regardless of whether people wanted it or not. Increase the effect of rhythmic chanting of the crowd, which is clearly modulated radio. It is easy to guess that such emotional speeches raised great soldier’s spirit.

However, it lasted not too long. If you believe Oleg Plenkov, author of the book “the Third Reich. The Aryan culture”, the last broadcast of the führer, which encouraged the Germans on 31 December 1944. In his speech, Hitler expressed confidence in the ultimate victory of Nazi Germany. However, some disappointment of the listeners of this speech still felt: the fact that the country’s leader did not specify what it means he was going to get the coveted triumph. But, it turned out that the Hitler “model 1944” had a still greater optimism than Hitler “model 1945”.

the Last broadcast

he recalled How a military interpreter Emanuel Levin in his book “notes of a military interpreter: Language and “language”, attitude which showed Adolf Hitler in the pive heard a spoken on radio on January 30, 1945 from his bunker, very different from its former elevated nervous condition. According to Levin, has nothing in common with the familiar voice of the demon-possessed Fuhrer, dark and even gloomy tone of the speaker already had. This is not surprising: according to Norman Oler, the author of the book “the Third Reich on drugs”, then the Red Army seized a bridgehead on the Western Bank of the Oder, in the region of Custrin, thereby creating an immediate threat to Berlin.

However, the leader of the Nazis, which, according Olera, from time to time showed signs of euphoria in the January appeal expressed a strong belief in “the imminent victory of the German Empire”. If you believe Herman Rozanov, the author of the book “the end of the third Reich”, Nazi propaganda immediately took advantage of the unsubstantiated statement by Hitler. “Once the führer has spoken that we will achieve in this year of historic turn — says state Secretary of the Ministry of public enlightenment and propaganda Werner Naumann, — for us it is reality.” However, Naumann noted that he did not know how victory is achieved.

Silent forever

Despite the fact that in his speech last January 1945, ascertain Henry picker and Sebastian Haffner – the authors of the book “the Plan “OST”. How to divide Russia”, Adolf Hitler described himself as a person, “who always knew only one thing: to beat, beat and beat again”, he soon was himself defeated. On 3 February, only a few days after the speech, the capital of the Reich were thrown 2264 tons of bombs. In the death of 22 thousand people. And 11 days later bombers leveled the Central part of Dresden.

In April, the Fuehrer did realize that this is the end. He never made encouraging statements. However, Hitler later committed suicide, still wanted him to have the last word. For this reason, if you believe Boreslava Sklyarevskaya, author of the book “the Mystery of the tragedy of 22 June 1941”, he invited to your bunker Swiss journalist Kurt Spades, which reported that it does not consider national socialism was defeated. That’s just your stuff Speidel never published: the reporter was killed in the storming of the Reich Chancellery.

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