In Mechelen, He touches on the day-in, day-out, in command of the federal public service for Economy, but that is Stu, He (32) there is no need to also have a culinary zijsprongen to do. Recently, he was also a gourmet cook at home, and he will give it with superb dishes to the critics of his kokschool of old time, and click on the item. “You can’t be true, peppered them to me.

The Malinois has been working for twelve years in the kitchen of the prosecutor’s office, Brussels, belgium. “It’s not the most exciting job, but it gives the security in terms of hours and pay.” In addition, he leads the Chateau, Piano, and a cooks, in a mouse model. But it tickled, but for the culinary things to do. He carried on, began to experiment with the yarn at a low temperature, and the molecular kitchen, but it didn’t count. He once cooked for his friends.