What did the Germans with the Soviet spy who passed Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya

History 12/02/20 What did the Germans with the Soviet spy who passed Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya

Basil Coils was not a policeman: he was in the same commando group that Zoe Kosmodemyanskaya. However, the operation petrishchevo failed. Tangles was captured by the Germans and during the interrogation, she gave up the location Kosmodemyanskaya, who was waiting for him at the appointed place. As it turned out, thus a traitor only delayed his death.

Before the war, native of the Ryazan region Vasily Balls were a member of one of post offices of Moscow. In the ranks of the red Army, according to the interrogation Protocol, an excerpt of which is given in the book of Anatoly Tchaikovsky’s “the NKVD and SMERSH against the Abwehr and RSHA”, of Balls entered in October 1941. The first task he completed in early November of the same year, and in the second it was included in the group of Paul provorova, occasionally strident, a member of which, as you know, was Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya. 21 November 1941 partisans were instructed to go to the village Petrishcheva and destroy the house, which was occupied by the Germans.

at night, the scouts moved way. Prior to that the settlement they reached not one day. According to Oleg Smyslov, author of “Cursed legions. Traitors in the service of Hitler”, about 2-3 hours a night on November 27 Basil Coils, as in the village of petrischevo, tried to destroy one of the houses with a bottle with an incendiary mix. However, it did not work: the bottle broke, but ignition did not happen. At this point, the Balls noticed two of the Nazis and, frightened, ran into the woods. There he was captured.

according to Vyacheslav Zvyagintsev, the author of the publication “War on the scales of Themis,” Basil Coils were delivered to the German sentries to Lieutenant Colonel Ludwig Rugerero. Tangles the interrogation Ruderer told about where he was supposed to meet Zoe Kosmodemyanskoy, which, as it turned out, by the time I managedand set fire to several houses and stables with the enemy’s horses. From the words of Klubkova, the Colonel gave some instructions to his men, who soon brought in the same room where he was kept YCL, and Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya.

according to Yuri Mukhin, the author of the book “War and we” Kosmodemyanskaya at first silent, and then said that she has nothing to arson. However, Basil Coils confirmed not only the identity Kosmodemyanskaya, but the fact that she really was with him in one subversive group. As you know, after long torture, harassment and beatings Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya was executed. Klubkova and was sent to Krasny Bor to study intelligence activities. Only now the traitor had to fight on the German side. In January 1942, the Tangles have an obligation to serve the invincible Germany.

on 7 January of the same year, Basil Coils took up the first task: he had to be in the intelligence Department of the Western front, to say that he escaped from German captivity, to find out the necessary information, and then deduce one from the Soviet subversive groups directly into the hands of the Nazis. Writes Vladimir borovko in his book “Stalin’s Five heroes,” the emergence of Klubkova on the Western front caused considerable surprise. Once disappeared YCL said that he was taken prisoner by the Germans while trying, namely the arson of a house in petrishchevo, and then sent to work in Germany. However, he is allegedly the fourth time, managed to escape.

For questions regarding Zoe Kosmodemyanskaya, Balls replied to one saying that to him about the fate of the girl is unknown. It is noteworthy that, according to former colleagues of Basil Klubkova, he never after his return asked about the fate of Kosmodemyanskoy. As rightly said in his book “Secrets of the KGB” Alexander Khinshtein, this and many other facts, has caused reasonable suspicion. That is why Klubkova it was decided to arrest. 3 APR 1942and the military Tribunal of the Western front Coil Vasily was sentenced to death. After 13 days the sentence was executed.

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