What captured Soviet tanks, the most prized by the Germans

Weapons 17/12/19 Some captured Soviet tanks, the most prized Germans

the Possibility of using captured weapons is determined by the availability of ammunition. In this respect the Germans in 1941 were very lucky — in the beginning of the war they captured warehouses with stocks of fuel, spare parts, bullets and shells.

This allowed the German army to actively apply in their units a variety of examples of Soviet weapons. Moreover, in the Wehrmacht is very much missed.

the most valuable small arms, the German command took Soviet self-loading rifle Tokarev SVT-40. In the Soviet Union before the war there were 1.1 million pieces and many fell to the Germans in the first months of the war. They appropriated the rifle Tokarev the name SiGewehr 259/2(r) and willingly arming his infantry. It is known that Soviet rifles were definitely enrolled in the SS division, which early in the war were armed with foreign specimens or trophies. Own rifles have not yet been, the first models appeared only at the end of 1941. Dated SVT-40 in the Wehrmacht, even in 1945.

Actively used by the Germans and the Soviet submachine gun PPSH. Although the PCA and the German MP.40 belong to the same class of small arms, the difference between them is very large. In the Soviet PPSH used a more powerful cartridge, whereby the effective range was 200 m, and really it was possible to shoot up to 500 m. the German MP.40 though, and had a caliber of 9 mm (Soviet 7.62 mm), but actually it has been fired at a hundred meters. German submachine gun was originally designed for crews of armored vehicles, and relative mass was due to its cheapness and ease of production. Any units of machine gunners in the Wehrmacht never was. Submachine gun MP.40 in German small Department armed with only the commander, the rest of the soldiers had rifles. But the Soviet PPSH German infantry used successfully and willingly. In the Wehrmacht the PCA received the name of MP Maschinenpistole 717(r).

Actively used by the invaders of the Soviet 76-mm field gun model 1936. They were used to combat armored vehicles, as the German 37-millimeter and 50-millimeter guns bad pierced the armor of the Soviet T-34, and the frontal armor of KV is not taken at all.

the First Soviet guns used in their original form, they were given a German designation for the 7.62-cm Feldkanone 296 (r). But then the guns began to alter. The fact that the original instrument was created for more powerful ammunition and had a large margin of safety. The Germans left the old shell, but the shell increased, resulting in armor penetration has increased significantly. Also changed the location of the guidance mechanisms. The “new” anti-tank gun was called the 7.62-cm-Pak 36. It was used in towed version, and for the creation of self-propelled units.

Soviet tanks the Germans used immediately, while there were fuel and ammunition. Repaired and restored only T-34 and KV, and even then not always. Highly evaluating the combat characteristics of the new Soviet tanks, the Wehrmacht was seriously paid attention to the disadvantages. The T-34 the German tank crews did not like the tightness of the crew compartment, they do not accept the unreliability of the chassis and other mechanisms. However, the tanks used.

Soviet Light tanks the Germans used mainly against partisans. A number of vehicles were converted to self-propelled units, but these were few. Often, the tanks shooting tower with weapons and used machines like tractors for transport of ammunition. The fact that the level of motorization of the German army was very low. Not only the whole of the divisional artillery was horse-drawn (except for anti-tank division), but even of the artillery of RGK in the beginning of the war had trucks and used horses. Because of the Polish, French, and Soviet armored vehicles often usedeh, not as combat vehicles and as tractors and various conveyors. All Soviet artillery tractors, trapped in the Wehrmacht, too, once found in the use of the German artillery.

Despite the fact that the Wehrmacht had his rocket artillery, the Soviet “Katyusha” was also studied. Especially the Germans were interested in Soviet 80-millimeter rocket launchers. A large number of Soviet missiles as booty grab failed, but on the basis of samples was created and produced in Czechoslovakia own. A rail launcher is completely copied from the Soviet. The new plant is called an 8-cm Raketen-Vielfachwerfer or 8 cm Vielfachwerfer der SS, since it was adopted for service with the Waffen SS. As a base for the launcher is usually used captured French half-track tractor. The result is an international hybrid, which was used by the Soviet missile, the upgraded Czech engineers, and French truck, modernized by the Germans. For the Wehrmacht it was not such a rare phenomenon.

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