The animals In Australia, it is feared that the lives of hundreds of koalas are most likely to be affected by a quick to around the piece a is in the vicinity of Port Macquarie, in the middle of the habitat of a large population.

The fire, which was still not under control, it would be a couple of days ago was caused by a lightning strike in the vicinity of Port Macquarie, a town about three hundred kilometres north of Sydney, australia. In the meantime, there are more than two thousand hectares, the fire destroyed, which is an important habitat for the koala’s.

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The president of the local koalaziekenhuis at Port Macquarie call, the dreaded ” loss “a tragedy”. “The population is genetically diverse, which is of national importance,” said Sue Ashton.

the woman that can be trained and workers only, at the earliest, Thursday or Friday, if there are any surviving koalas, search. The animals are, according to Ashton, was a “horrible defense” to set fire in order to get started: “most of the time they climb to the top of the top of the tree, and they will curl in a little ball,” she said. “I often burn them alive.”

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