Science is The world’s largest folk festival in Germany is already behind us. Whether it is a success to be? This is proved by the figures already in two weeks (september 21 to October 6) for by-passing the more than 6 million visitors, along with the lager louts waar7,3 million gallons of beer, and richly began to flow. However, the methane was in two weeks and 1,000 times as high as the yearly methane emissions from a swine (pig).

if you regularly deep in the heart is looking, we know the consequences by now be. Apart from a hangover, you can the day after be great for farmers, they heard a rumbling sound from the bowels, and flatulence. That is what makes the Oktoberfest in Munich is an interesting phenomenon, the consequences of such a large-scale festival, is to examine, in particular, the amount of methane that is released.

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Researchers from Technical University of Munichdwaalden at the Site by 2018 edition, with a few days around the festivities to get air samples up to collect it. In the processing of the data, taking into account wind speed and direction, then it is concluded that during the festival, an average of around 1,500 kg of methane was released. By way of comparison, the pig, the main source of methane emissions after a cow emits each year, approximately 1.5 kilograms of methane.

It is that a large amount of methane in Munich, it came from some wind, due to its abundant amounts of alcohol? Probably not, say the researchers. A lot of it is more likely for the emissions from the many kooktoestelletjes and heating systems to gas.