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Biography 07/02/20 Vasily Margelov: as the “father” of the airborne troops fought in the beginning of the great Patriotic

About Vasily Margelov written many books, but about the beginning of the battle way more famous General wrote a St. Petersburg historian Oleg Krasilnikov.

to Serve the future commander of the VDV started out in military intelligence. The first combat operation was the war with Poland in 1939. And although the fights themselves were not, Margelov was wounded. It happened after the surrender of Poland, when the captain Margelov has received from the army command orders to get the German gas mask. During the joint drinking, Vasil quietly strangled two allies. But on the way back the car was ambushed by Polish partisans. All died except Margelov, who was saved by the rescue of the Germans. The poles are killed, Margelov was taken to German hospital. Then say long understood the special Department.

Next was the Finnish campaign, in which Vasily Filippovich has managed to capture a Swedish volunteer. They even fought on the side of the Finns, but the number of neutrals, for which the gallant captain was again summoned to the Special Department.

In both cases, cost. Awards are not given, but it is not shot well!

the Great Patriotic Margelov met with the commander of the 15th of disciplinary battalion. The disciplinary battalion is not part of the penalty box, sent there for drunkenness, fighting, and even for the “AWOL”. After the outbreak of war the battalion was converted in the 2nd infantry regiment of the 1st guards division of the Leningrad Army of people’s Militia. As in the disciplinary battalion served as a military personnel, it was the most efficient detachments of the division. Divisions of militia were formed mainly from those who have not called on by age, health, etc., under the order of different companies. The level of training was very weak, and the ability to shoot any heroism is no substitute. During the first battles of the division, almost nothing left, almost all the survivors — the soldiers of the regiment Margelov.

the Division withdrew to re-form, and it became the 80-th infantry, and Margelov was appointed to command the 1st Separate special ski regiment of sailors of the Baltic fleet named after Lensovet. Sailors and skiing is of course the combination of strange, but in those days, and not such happened. In fact, sailors they were only in form, as the core of the regiment were soldiers anti-aircraft artillery of the Kronstadt base and shore services. Well, the rest of the military. Part of this was considered, in modern language, the elite.

the First independent operation “Uncle Vasya” was precisely the landing. Though the landing would not air, and not even the sea and the ski. But it was precisely the troops, as the regiment had to withdraw from the sea (or rather lake) on the Bank and seize a bridgehead. Well, since the water surface is frozen, then “parachuted” on skis. Our is not the first time, over fifty years before the corps of Bagration to Sweden on the ice was even without skis.

In September 1941, Leningrad was under Siege. From October made plans and conducted operations to Blockade to break through. The task would seem not so difficult: from the positions of the Leningrad front to the troops on the mainland, there were only half a dozen miles.

On the left Bank of the Neva, was captured by a small bridgehead, known as Nevsky pyatochok. He planned offensive in November. Meet was supposed to strike the 54-th army of General Zhukov. This army though was subordinated to the Leningrad front, but no interaction did not exist. While on the “Nevsky patch” hoarding power, army Zhukov launched an offensive and successfully moved forward. However, after the Germans began their offensive at Tikhvin, 54-th army has had to not think about the salvation of Leningrad, but to save herself. Therefore, advancing from the “Nevsky patch”, to support was no one, and everyone just died in fruitless attacks.

In support of these two attacks, in the rear of the Germans planned to land troops. And although Tomat the time the 54-th army was leading the battle for Tikhvin and the Leningrad front troops were ubeskrivelig while trying to break through the German defenses, troops has not been canceled.

Originally planned that the troops will be on boats, but not in time before freeze-up. Had to wait to freeze the ice.

the First shot had to hit the 80th rifle division (former 1st division of the National Militia in which he served previously Margelov), out on the ice in the rear of the Germans. Then the breakthrough was introduced to the regiment Margelov. The regiment went out on the ice, on the slopes, reached the island of Great Zieleniec, and waited for the start of the offensive the infantry. However, the 80th division was late for five hours. The result Margelov, which has no connection with the division was not, and the night ended and the surprise was lost, decided to attack.

the Regiment went ashore, broke through the German defenses, made their way inland, 500 metres from the coast and occupied the village of Lipki. But alone fighters Margelov are unable to do anything. After losing 1200 men, killed and wounded more than 800, the remains of the regiment went out on the Ladoga ice. Margelov wounded two soldiers dragged dragged to the island Zelenets

80 division didn’t come by dawn, and the day, and were met on the ice two miles from shore artillery fire. The remnants of the division retreated on the Western shore of lake Ladoga.

a Huge sacrifice in the absence of any positive result was a consequence of bad preparation and planning, a complete lack of coordination of troops.

And Vasily Margelov after the hospital received the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. In July 1942 he was appointed commander of the 13th guards rifle regiment 3rd guards division 54th army. During Kanavinskoe unsuccessful operation, his regiment was almost again took the same village of Lipki. But this part of his biography is a well-known.

Cyril Shishkin

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