Vasily Blucher: mysteries of the repressed biography of Marshal of the Soviet Union

History 12/01/20 Vasily Blucher: mysteries of the repressed biography of Marshal of the Soviet Union

In the biography of one of the first marshals of the Soviet Union Vasily Blucher many secrets and mysteries. German researchers have even seriously claimed that Blucher is not actually Russian, and German von Galen (famous Russian archivist Victor Batalin this hypothesis refutes documented).

“General Nemo”

In many ways, the biography of Blucher was mythologized with the filing of Western writers and researchers of secrets and mysteries. Marshall was in the top five the first military leaders of the USSR, won the title in the entire history of its existence. In addition, Stalin at the time was very appreciated Vasily Blucher, but after “sabotage” the commander of the front in the clashes with the Japanese at lake Hassan did everything to the Marshal had been destroyed. These remarkable metamorphoses of mutual relations still haunt the researchers of the biography of Blucher.

the Emigre writer Roman Gul asked the question: “who are you really, Marshal Blucher?” Gul called Blucher “commander, under the alias” and “General Nemo” – the version that the popular Soviet commander took as an alias the name of the Prussian General, was announced in 1933 in the book ghoul “Red marshals” – that is, during the life of Blucher, beaten to death during interrogations in the NKVD in 1938.

the Historian denies the veracity of the official biography of Vasily Blucher, since it finds a lot of inconsistencies and contradictions. First, ghoul disturbed by the fact that in the revolutionary actions of 1905 Blucher did not participate. Biographers claim that in 1910 his work Mytishchi railcar plant, was jailed for organizing a strike in the enterprise (in particular, about the book “Marshal Blucher” was mentioned by the famous singer of Russian nature Konstantin Paustovsky). However, the military historian Nikolai Giants in the book “Blucher” writes that the press of the time about any strikes at the Mytishchi plant was not writing, even though these events could not remain without attention of the Central print media.

As he fought the reserve?

the Giants also perplexed: it is not clear, as a recognized unfit for military service received after the First world war seriously injured Vasily Blucher then heroically fought in the Civil war – how is that possible?

the French essayist and essayist Henri Rollin, joined the list of clichés, clinging to the image of Blucher, another – “the Marshal with an iron mask”. Roll in his essay listed numerous military merit Marshal in the Civil war and wondered how this legendary Soviet military commander with a very confusing biography to cope with Japanese aggression in the lake Khasan, as commander of the red banner far Eastern front (obviously, the material was prepared for print in the summer of 1938, until the end of hostilities in the area)?

For that will cast him in 1938?

Events at lake Khasan, happened in the summer of 1938, became fatal to Vasily Blucher, which also gave rise to many versions and hypotheses: before this period he was revered as one of the best generals of the red army, were appointed to various responsible positions and had a lot of awards – 2 orders of Lenin and red banner of the USSR, 3 orders of the red banner of the RSFSR, order of the red Star and others. Stalin in 1937 called Blucher “great commander” (at the beginning of 1938, when they arrested all the associates of Marshal Stalin once again assured Blucher in its full location to it).

According to the official, Vasily Blucher was a sting operation at lake Hassan (about this in particular, said Marshal Ivan Konev). According to the secret order of the Klim Voroshilov, sent to Stalin, head of the far Eastern front showed “hypocrisy, indiscipline and sabotage armed resistance to the Japanese.” Alleged unauthorized Blucher sent a Commission to establish the correctness of dAsti our border at lake Khasan, and the Commission affirmed: the Soviet soldiers first crossed the state border, than has provoked a Soviet-Japanese conflict. And he also prevented the intensification of the war against the Japanese.

In this case, other official documents, certificates of participants of battles, affirmed that “the far Eastern theatre [was] not ready for combat operations [in the area of lake Khasan]” – that is, located there the red Army was distinguished by an extremely low level of combat readiness. What is immediately accused the commander of the far Eastern front.

In September 1938 Vasily Blucher was removed from his post, a month and a half arrested, and less than 3 weeks after his arrest he was severely beaten during interrogations, died from injuries in the Butyrka. “The” Blucher “sewed” participation in a counter-revolutionary conspiracy against him, among others, testified the brother and first wife.

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