Weapons 10/02/20 Photo: MO RF”U-9″: what can the Russian combat robot

This multifunctional robotic complex, created concern “Kalashnikov”, adopted by the Russian Army. “Rosoboronexport” intends to promote it on the international arms market, and the Western experts have already cast doubt on the benefits of Uranium “-9”.

what is the uniqueness of the complex

Experts of “Rosoboronexport” believe that the 12-ton “U-9”, overcoming obstacles with a height of 1.2 meters, able to compete with the modern world samples of military robotics. The complex, consisting of two robots (their tasks – reconnaissance and fire support), intended for engagement in a variety of operations, including in counterterrorism. Military and intelligence units can also use “U-9”. The specialists of “Rosoboronexport” believe that the most effective way this “paired” combat robot must work in a point of military actions, in particular, in the street battles, which should allow to significantly reduce the casualties among the troops.

Spark robots “Uranus-9” transportorul tractor, the robotic complex is equipped with a mobile control point. Robots armed with 30-mm 2A72 automatic cannon and coaxial 7.62 mm machine gun. In addition, “U-9” equipped with ATGM “Ataka” – radio-controlled missiles, capable of hitting armored vehicles, manpower, Bunkers, helicopters and air defense sites. The robots are able to locate, identify and escort purposes, the complex system is installed for warning of laser radiation. However, according to experts of “Rosoboronexport”, the complex can be filled with and other weapons, all depends on what the customer prefers.

“U-9” is capable of speeds up to 35 km/h, its cruising range of 200 km.

Where he “ran” and why were criticized

According to the CEO of conCERN “Kalashnikov” Vladimir Dmitriev, the complex was specifically modified for combat use in Syria in order to test it in actual combat. Robotic complex, in addition to anti-tank missiles, automatic cannon and machine gun, equipped with reactive flame throwers “Shmel-M”.

Defense group BAE Systems of the UK in its report criticized the development of the concern “Kalashnikov”, a year ago, adopted by the Russian Army. According to British analysts, in a modern combat situation multifunctional robotic complex was unable to fulfill the tasks assigned to it. In particular, Western experts have expressed dissatisfaction with the thermal and electro-optical sensors “Uranus-9”, not “saw” the enemy at a distance exceeding 2 thousand meters. Destabilization of the guidance systems of weapons have led to the firing after the filing of the respective teams was made with considerable delays.

According to a senior researcher of the Third Central research Institute of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation Andrey Anisimov, Syrian trials in 2018 “U-9” failed. As shown by the results of combat use of robotic systems, “saw” it by only 300 – 500 meters, the machine often and for a long time was out of control. Anisimov came to the conclusion that the Russian designers will need at least 10 to 15 years to develop a truly multifunctional combat robots capable of performing such complex tasks.


Last summer, about eliminating the flaws in the “Uranium-9”, identified as a result of his trials in Syria, said the representative of the Russian General staff Lieutenant General Igor Makushev. Judging by the comments Makusheva given to “Interfax”, in robotized complex of the modified system of movement (suspension “of Uranium” was unreliable due to problems with the supporting and guiding rollers and suspension springs), firing automatic gun (robotic complex could not hit targets in motion). Also improved the instruments of observation and reconnaissance, targeting, communications.

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