world of showbiz, They are, without a doubt, one of the most successful bands of the last few years, however, the Belgian world of music, it will be in the next period of time, without the charismatic gentlemen of the Triggerfinger to do so. Its members are pushing for a minimum of two years of pause in it. “But the break up was out of the question.”

‘All this dancin’ around’, ‘Love lost in love, “and the Lykke Li cover of “I follow rivers”, or ” By absence of the sun’: in the next few years will be for the fans, Triggerfinger just be able to hope for is that these songs live and use it next time. “The loudest band in the land” has, in fact, decided to make it at least as long as two years to focus on other projects. A break for the singer Ruben Block (48), the bassist, Paul, ” Long-term Polle’ Van (60), and drummer Mario Goossens (47) is in a sense then, as an example, with their manager Eric Didden from it. “Triggerfinger celebrated their twentieth anniversary, and it’s still a tight fit in the suit, sitting to the gentlemen, coupled with their Colossus, the Tour, and also has a successful tour with it. They are in need of rest, you hear the sound of it. “The idea is that Triggerfinger for at least a year or two in the fridge, but it is not impossible that they had in the past with the new music will begin to work. In fact, this break is very obvious: the group is made up of not only twenty years old, for the lord also in the last twelve years, but not least, it is already there. That goes on your clothes and breathing do not only welcome, but also with the ability to find other things to do.”

documentary series

What are Vanessa and Paul are exactly going to do it, it is still not clear, but in the case of Games, which is considered to be one of the best drummers we have in our country around – there is a blank calendars are sure not to be the case. It makes the next week of his debut as a television presenter in the six-part documentary series ‘Paradise City’ at home. “I’m about six cities around the world drawn to those affected by the disaster,” explains Mario from. “I just wanted to see if music is in the lives of the people in the field can help to improve it. All of it is ‘Paradise City’ has become much more than just a documentary series. There will also be a radio program, book, cd, and on the 31st of October, the tour will start. In other words, it is just as well that the Triggerfinger for a break too. But take it from me, we are anyway planning to do so in order to make music. It’s not because we are saying that we will have a rest stop, we got out of each other. Break up is almost certainly out of the question.”