This is a photoshop: architect wrote the film with computer brush they show in the centre of Novosibirsk

Today, March 6, at the Novosibirsk center of culture ЦК19 in the street Sverdlova, 13, an exhibition of paintings by Ivan Salina “Conciseness in architecture. Painting without paint”. The artist painted them in Photoshop.

— we Have a lot of exhibition programs, the goal of which is to acquaint the city with some actual artistic practices, creativity countrymen. And in this program we are showing the first solo exhibition in Siberia Ivan Salmina, his painting and architecture. It is the exhibition-homage to mother Ivana. As Ivan himself told his classes digital painting were born as a kind of art therapy for her: he was painted, experimented and showed her pictures, told the correspondent NGS chief information officer ЦК19 angelina Burliuk.