TV is less than twenty-five well-known Flemish and Dutch people on Monday, the 14th of October to serve as a jury member for the 17th season of “The smartest man in the world”. “I want every evening to be able to extract it with a highly surprising juryduo,” says the presenter, Erik Van Looy (57).

by Erik Van Looy collected this year, once again, an impressive, but still very, very male group of jury members. Only 5 of the 25 are women. Actress Barbara Sarafian, former F3 number of Karen Damen and actress Maaike Cafmeyer had previously been a guest at the FOUR quizzes, for a host of actress Frances Lefebure, and a tv-icon Margriet Hermans will be the first time.

“It’s true, there are only five women on the jury,” says Eric. “It remains, incidentally, my dream is to have more women than men in the show. But this year, it is unfortunate, but once again failed to do so. However, it is largely due to vrouwengemaakt. And when the candidates are sitting this year as many as fourteen wives. In the first season, there were three.”

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are Also among the male members of the jury, we find mostly familiar names. Among them, there were only three entrants: the state-upcomedian, Geert Hoste, a Dutch comedian Jeroen Van Koningsbrugge last year, is still a candidate, but to be unhappy at the turn off, and Gert Verhulst, who, together with Julie Colpaert’s record of most entries on the. Also worthy of note is the return of Herman Brusselmans, who, last year, however, it was said that he would never return. “I think he’s hettoen not have meant it,” laughs Eric. “Unlike Herman, however, more things are expected. I think it’s great that we have this time, plenty of surprising the reader. I’m already looking forward to the Series, or Jack, next to Jérôme and to see it sitting there. Fun tv is guaranteed to work.”